what are your thoughts on the Mercer Flat Messenger?

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  1. Love the tiny pushlocks and the blue is TDF IRL. Were you thinking blue or black? If you like a messenger style, this would be a nice smaller bag for going out to dinner or anytime you didn't need to carry a lot of stuff around. The Mercer leather is very soft and lightweight. Very pretty!!
  2. I love that blue! gorgeous color, very sleek looking bag. A definite :tup:
  3. i was actually thinking of getting it in black since it'll be used for daily use and i only care my cell, money, id and some makeup. i dont know if i could pull off wearing that blue bag every day and night, but my wardrobe IS pretty neutral. does anyone have anymore pics of it?
  4. i think it's a cute and useful bag. go for it!
  5. VERY cute!
  6. love it, it's minimalistic chic
  7. I think it's cute. If it can be worn cross-body and hold a ZC, I may consider getting one.