what are your thoughts on the MC Petite Noé

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  1. I have been struggling between an MC alma, MC speedy or perf. speedy

    and now I think that the Petite Noé has been added to this list!
    does anyone have it?
    Is it good size for using often?
    Does someone have a pic of theres and a pic of it being held you could put in the visual aids for me?
  2. I think it's cute, casual and great for summer
  3. i love how they add a little pocket for this mc line.
    but what i kinda scared is as i know that mc line is rub off-able, to have it in this style is scary
  4. I :love: Petit Noe. I own two: mono and epi. I LOVE the MC one but I am not going to get a third one.:sad: The bag fits quite a lot, esp. if you don't tie the strings. Here are pics of my Noes (sorry, can't help you with MC PN visual):
    petit_noe.JPG petitnoe.JPG
  5. Could I get a pic of the white one if anyone has it?
  6. I found the pic of a PF member with one!!!:nuts:
  7. I think it's a great bag and you should totally go for it!
  8. Ok well I have narrowed my options to Petite Noé or Per. Speedy in fushia now I just have to deside which! I want to make sure my first LV purchase is exactly what I want!
  9. sooooooo cute....i am leaning heavily towards a Petite Noe as my second LV---every time I see the MC i am like :girlsigh: :love: ! But I think I am going to try to find a black epi---trying to stay somewhat practical!!

  10. Have you gone in the store and tried both on? You might walk out with both:wlae:
  11. its so cute!!!:girlsigh:
  12. loves it.
  13. I love the mc petit noe. I have had a couple of noes and they are superhandy == you can carry everything in them and they stay on your shoulder.
  14. The MC petite now looks fab!!!! You must buy this bag!
  15. Nope not close enough to a store to do that!:sad:
    Plus I can only affordto buy one right now!:crybaby:
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