What are your thoughts on the Ludlow Wallet?

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  1. What are your thoughts on the Ludlow Wallet? What do you mainly use this wallet for?
  2. :heart: it! It the perfect going out wallet and fits nicely into my pochette. Whenever I travel I always pack my ludlow for those moments when you just need a little wallet. It's too small for an everyday wallet, but IMO it's a must have. :yes:
  3. i use it as an every day wallet, and i just fold up bills, and put in a couple of cards and im off. its good for a person who doesnt carry lots of stuff..
    ill probably need a bigger one when i get older...
  4. Is there a slightly bigger version available? I want a small thin wallet and this fits it for those minimum days.
  5. I :heart: my ludlow! It is a great small wallet, I can fit 6 cards on the inside if I double up and some change/bills folded up in the coin part.
  6. it's kinda bulky just to fit a few cards...cles holds the same or more...but ludlow sure is cute...
  7. I dont really like big wallets and i havent gotten the ludlow yet but i got a cles and i plan on using them kind of as a combo
  8. Cute but really small. I have the bronze vernis one and rarely use it anymore since it doesn't have space for much of anything but a couple of cards and a tiny bit of cash.
    But if you're looking for a small wallet, this one will definitely do it :yes:
  9. Cute! I like it!
  10. I like the Broome much better...
  11. I like it! It looks like a good size for just about any bag and it's really cute!
  12. It's a good size but I never used it when I had one just because of the whole folding the bills thing, wallets should have bill slots !
  13. I think it's really cute... it's one of my favourite styles! I like the Ludlow and the Koala.
  14. I use a black Epi Ludlow as an everyday wallet. Its small size allows it to fit in the zip pocket of my Vavin GM and the slide pocket in my Epi Speedy so it is always easily accessible but secure. I also can put it in my jacket pocket or jeans pockets if I am out an about and want to carry it on me. It can get a little cramped with too many bills but mine has softened over the last couple of months so it's easier to use. I hope this helps. :smile:
  15. It's good if you only need to carry a few cards with you, but if you have a lot of stuff in your wallet, it's not the wallet for you.

    I use mine only when I'm carrying a tiny purse. I personally don't find in practical for daily use.