What are your thoughts on the color TOUNDRA?

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  1. I have yet to see this color in real life but am drooling at pictures of it.

    For those who have seen it in person:

    1. Do you like it?
    2. Is it neutral? For example, would it go with black in my wardrobe?

  2. Hi mnpurselover,

    I don't own one but seen one in real life. I find the colour (it's dark green with a bit of brown undertone) very neutral which is very easy to match. An great alternative to vert olive.
  3. It's a very classy and neutral color and I have only seen this in box calf. It's the sort of color that grows on you ... like etoupe. To most people, it may not have the wow factor of say fuchsia or rouge vif, but it will complement most outfits.
  4. I wanna see!!!!
  5. We LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it!!!! Love, SCL and IceChick together (and up to no good) in Paris..... I'm here, too...anHermesLover (signed in as SCL...who is also here...and up to no good)...
  6. let me just say, ladies, :shrugs:i felt it a strange looking leather color...in box.
    a brownish yellowish grayish greenish.....
    it may be stunning to me next month!!!
    Hermes does magical things, however, currently I am not feeling the twinkledust.
  7. I have only seen the smaller bags, like the clutches in toundra. It's very neutral, not as green as the vert olive...I think lovely..but not sure how it would look in the bigger bag...probably just as lovely.
  8. I've seen it in box and I like it. I think it's a great neutral and will certainly go well with black :yes:.
  9. Same here, seen on box leather, quite a neutral colour.
  10. i have a 32cm HAC...and i think it's in this colour cos I got my SA to spell it out for me but i can't remembe for sure (i don't have the receipt, it's with DH!)

    tried to attach the pic...but was told that the file size exceeds TPF limit????

    can anyone help?
  11. I have seen it in box, and I think it would work with black. Unfortunately, it has a little too much yellow in it for my skin tone.
  12. does anyone has a picture of it?
  13. you need to edit / resize your picture.

    either open with paint/do a skew/stretch by maybe 70%.

    or some photo software to crop to smaller size...etc
  14. i just took another pic of my toundra box kelly from my hp... pardon the quality of the pic
    DSC00199.JPG DSC00200.JPG
  15. GEM, lovely box kelly! Is that a 28cm?