What are your thoughts on the Bella Band?

  1. Does anyone own one? Do you love it, hate it? Is it worth the $? Did you get a larger size? I'm considering buying one, but can't make up my mind!

    For those that don't know about it, see below:
  2. I hated mine at first because it kept rolling up. I finally got it to work once I started getting a bigger belly (around 24 weeks or so). Soon after I'd put on so much weight, however, that my thighs didn't fit into my old jeans anyway. Now I've even out grown some of my maternity things! I did use it like a tube top under a couple of strapless things, so I did find it useful for other reasons!
  3. My friend LOVES them. She put off getting maternity clothes till 5 - 5.5 months (she may still be using them at 6 mos.) I got some and I was eh about them, because I felt like it took a lot of fussing to get my open pants to stay flat under them and not bunch up or do something weird. I think it depends how fitted your tops are over them and whether you care if there are odd bumps (I do, my friend doesn't.) My philosophy was that I'd rather buy my maternity clothes early and get more use out of them for a longer time instead of waiting, so I got a lot of the pants with the internal adjustable waistband.
  4. I agree with Kimberf. I didn't like the way you could see the weird outlines with fitted tops. And I was always worried it would slip up too far and you would be able to see that my zipper was down and people would wonder what the heck was going on. I say with so much nice maternity denim out there there's no point in trying to salvage my old jeans.
  5. I have it and totally love it! At eight months along I'm using about half of my pre pregnancy clothes and half maternity clothes. The band is great for those first few months when you don't actually fit maternity clothes but can't button your usual jeans or to continue to wear with certain pieces that are just too small in the waist but fit okay everywhere else once your belly starts to grow. I also like it for maternity pants and capris that have a "regular" style waist with no stretchy band since it gives some coverage and support as you get bigger. I've heard of others who say its great postpartum too since you can wear it with your jeans and pants until you get back down to your normal size.
    I bought the smallest size (I'm a size 6 pre pregnancy) and its still pretty comfy even at this stage. I'd have to say that this is definitely my favorite of all the maternity clothes/accessories I've bought...I know different things work for different people...I'm just one of those who think the Bella Band is great! :smile: I got hooked on it from all the rave reviews I heard from friends and from the owner of the maternity boutique I picked it up at, plus they are nice and inexpensive...
  6. I've got 2 myself and initially I thought eh..it's alright but now after wearing some of my pre-maternity tops that are now creeping up on my belly I need it so that my belly doesn't pop out. I have to admit though on days that I feel bloated, the band is not comfy and I feel constricted. I bought the smallest size, 1 and it's lasted me all this time. I would've loved to get some with lace, those are pretty and I love that they come in so many different colors. Wear it under your other clothes and it looks like you're wearing layers and it's perfect for covering up your unzipped pants/jeans. I think it's worth the money.
  7. Had one. Didn't use it much. I just ended up buying maternity jeans at Old Navy, and had many comments from girls who were enviously of my cute jeans! What little I did use it it was nice to have the comfort of knowing I wasnt hanging out everywhere.
  8. I have a few. I didn't use them much in the beginning because they kept rolling up/down etc. I'm now 2 1/2 months post-partum and find myself using them a lot but for a different purpose - I wear the band and a nursing bra under my top so that I can pretty much convert any top into a nursing top.

    Also, I fit into most of my pants except for the waist part so the band helps keep my old pants in place (for some reason it works better now than in my 1st -2nd trimester)
  9. Got one and used it a few times, would have used it more if I had gotten it earlier. I wouldn't pay the retail price for it though. I got mine from eBay for $10.
  10. ITA - I love mine! Once my belly button pops :shame: I can wear this and it flattens it back down - a much cuter belly for all those maternity tops, (I'm self-conscious about that little nub). :lol: I wear non-maternity style jeans in larger sizes and this helps with the riding/sliding in the back, (along with a cute elastic belt). Also the belly band has great coverage so you won't have to worry about your tummy/skin peaking out anywhere, and you can adjust its length to whatever you want.

    Two thumbs up from me! :tup::tup:

  11. i hated mine too..it would roll up and also, when i wanted to pee or something, i'd have to go about trying to reposition it back on and it was kind of tight so it would hurt a little to pull it up on my belly everytime i had to pee..so i stopped using it and just used a hair tie around the button of my jeans and just wore loose flowy tops or longer shirts and tanks
  12. It looks like the brand name BellaBand is about $26 and free shipping, but Target has some for about $10 less (Be Band) from the same manufacturer. I saw the original at Nordstrom today and the material looked nice. Do you think its worth it just to get the original since Ill probably only be getting one?
  13. I got the BeBand from Target and used it all the time. Starting out, I'd wear it over my too tight pants with the button undone and then to keep up my maternity bottoms that were too big. Sometimes I'd use it just to smooth everything out under fitted shirts.
  14. I wear the BeBand from Target too, and I love it. It's really comfortable and I wear most of my pants with it now. In fact, both of my bands were in the wash yesterday and I was forced to wear a skirt. My only complaint would be that it tends to ride up, but other than that, it's wonderful.
  15. wow i hadn't even heard of something like this. i must go give it a try. i'm already in maternity pants since my regular pants were way too tight. but may maybe i could use this to wear my regular pants for a few more months.