What are your thoughts on the Alma bag?

  1. Is it practical and how does it compare to the speedy?
  2. I think the alma is not as practical as the speedy because of its shape. If you carry a lot and try to zip it, it does not line up that well. Not sure how to explain it, perhaps someone else can phrase it better. Also, it is not as easy to carry like the speedy, I think it is because of the rigid bottom and shape of the bag. Hope this helps.
  3. I don't know about you guys but i'll choose the alma over a speedy anyday.
  4. ITA. And I know the issue you are talking about, it is hard to explain..to the OP, i'd just go to LV and try out the Alma for yourself (try zipping it up after you put a lot of stuff in it, you will see what we mean). I've never owned an Alma but from what I've heard from others on here, it does not seem as practical as the speedy (i've heard it's harder to open/close, etc).
  5. I don't have an Alma (yet!) but it does look a little trickier to open & close than the speedy. I have a Trouville which is a little more structured than a speedy and has the dual zipper across the front so I would imagine other than a wider bottom that the alma would be pretty similar?

    Not super practical but oh so chic!!
  6. It's a classic like the speedy but just more structured. I have both but wear the speedy 30 for everyday because it is softer and holds more. The speedy is a little more casual IMO.
  7. I think you have to determine if you are a stuffer or not, because of it's shape. It is classic. i have the damier and I get compliments on the bag everytime I wear it.

    When i was at Neimans buying it, I had a lady coming up to me with her black epi Alma telling me how much I would love it and that she had the style in 3 color. So funny.
  8. I think ALMA's are beautiful! But I had one and sold it because it just didn't work as well as the speedy for me.
  9. I love it in epi-- I would get one in epi for work or dressing up.
  10. No. Go with a speedy. I sold a alma of my mothers on eBay about a year ago. With the speedy's the more you pack, the better they look. With alma's it just looks like you're trying to stuff too much in. Of course it depends on what your using it for. But for practicality I would go with a speedy. You can leave the top open and not worry about the stuff falling out, with the alma once fully unzipped there really isn't anything sturdy holding your valuables in place. Just my 2 cents..:smile:
  11. I love the Alma ~ how it can open real wide and easy access. I only have it in the white MC and would love to have it in Epi and Damier Ebene later on. I love the Speedy as well ~ both are very classy and timeless. I guess it just depends which shape you like and if you want a handbag that structured or not.
  12. i looooooove the alma!!!!
    i have it in white mc and it is so pretty imo. i dont always zip up the top part cuz i am lazy, but i have no problems with fallouts because it is so structured that it doesnt flap open. i like how it keeps it's shape too. it is best if u r not going to fill it to the brim though because as someone mentioned, the zipper then gets a bit wobbly when zipped up.
  13. I dont care for the Alma. I think it needs to be retired, its a bit to dated for me. Sorry.
  14. I have a damier alma and I like it a lot but it does have a tendancy to get heavy after carrying it for awhile. I can say it does hold a fair amount when you don't fully zip it up. As for the speedy, it is a great practical everyday bag and I don't find it to be as heavy as the alma when loaded up with lots of stuff. Both bags are a good choice but I think for an everyday bag, I would have to recommend the speedy...
  15. I have been thinking of the alma recently and I have a Furla bag in the alma shape which I use for work. I think it is a great classic bag. However, whenever I think of buying, my SA always discourages me...claiming it is dated --- I am considering the epi ivorie but I do have a number of white non-lv bags so I am patiently waiting for the vernis alma or the epi cassis alma and yes...I will want an alma..soon...