What are your thoughts on tattoos?

  1. Hello All!

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this (mods move if you need to!)

    I was just wondering what people think of tattoos. I am 23 and only have my belly button piereced (and 3 in each ear). My parents would kill me if I got a tattoo, even though I am an adult. But lately I have been watching a lot of LA Ink and I lost my grandmother two years ago and it was a devastating time in my life. I was thinking about getting a small tattoo to remember her by.

    I am just so undecisive and even though this is something I would never regret because it has to do with my grandmother, I just don't want to look bad. I think people that have tattoos are amazing, it is a work of art right on your skin.

    I dunno, I need some advice on what everyone else thinks and how you view tattoos. I know it is my decision in the end, but I like to hear feedback.

    P.S. I would get it probably on the lower left hand side of my back (not in the middle, but somewhere where it wouldn't be right on my bone)

    TIA!! :flowers:
  2. Not a fan of personally getting one..but I admire the tattoos that have actual meaning. I love watching LA Ink and hearing about the stories behind every tattoo. I say go for it!
  3. I only have one right now, It's chinese running down my back left shoulder, but I will be going back in a month or so to get another one. Somthing in honor of my brother. Not sure what yet. Then I will probably be done. I don't want too many.
  4. The other thing I would be cautious about is the pain!! I am a wimp, but I have heard so many things about getting one!

    Some say it is just the noise that bothers you...others say it is super painful...

  5. My attitude is that you are an adult and you can do whatever you want to do as long as you do not hurt anyone else.

    In this particular case, you would not regret it at all and you would not have to tell your parents. It can be something special that you keep private, for yourself, in memory of your grandmother.

    I have 4 tattoos. All are beautiful, tasteful and discreetly located. They are for ME.
  6. I have four and they all mean something to me. Most of them other than the on my inner ankle can be covered with clothes. I don't show my tattoos off and I am very professional in my career so I don't think a lot of people would even imagine me having four tattoos.

    They are something that I did in remembrance and for myself. I really enjoy them BECAUSE they're so personal and not a lot of people get to see them.
    I plan on getting a few more and I have no regrets. I just wouldn't go putting one on my forehead or on my chest or something! :biggrin:
  7. WOW LoriB, we're almost like tattoo twins!:biggrin: I didn't read your post until I posted mine.
  8. Well it may be an unpopular thought and one that is certainly not echoed by current society...but I really dislike them. Small hidden tattoos that are obviously personal, don't bother me...but big ones...just not for me...but hey I am sure some people look at my bags or whatever and feel the same way.

    My 18, almost 19 year old wants one...and I will not let him get one...yes, he is an 'adult'...but I have told him, I will no longer pay for college if he gets one. Period. And he knows I am serious, so that has kept him at bay (plus my many talks to him on the subject).

    Manipulative, controlling....absolutley, but that is how strongly I feel about it. As I have told him, people judge you everyday; for the way you look, talk, act...why would you 'brand' yourself, for life with something that people may misjudge you by.

    I am hoping that by the time he finishes college, he will outgrow the faze. I also bought him a bunch of custimized, high quality temporary tattoos, and made him a deal...if I wore one for 2 years solid...and there was never a time when he wished he didn't have it, then I would relent. But that has not happened, I don't think it is going too.:p
  9. I'm a professional....well respected mom w/ a MBA that needed some edge. Nobody in my family has one.......and although some don't like it I felt like it was something I really wanted.

    I have two tattoos and I can hide them both with a bathing suit...My favorite one is on my right hip I have two angel wings which I feel protected......they just give me peace.

    It took me a long time to decide to do it and then finally one day I just knew it would be something I could live with the rest of my life.

    I do have one girlfriend that had a few done when she was 18/19 and she regrets this big one on her back shoulder because when she wears dresses she can't hide it.

    Good luck in your decision!!!!
  10. My parents said the same thing. Even though I knew college meant more to thema nd the probably would never do that, I still didn't because I didn't want to try and pay for college on my own...

    I totally understand how you feel and this one would not cover my whole side...I want to very small doves on my back and they would be just for me.

    Thanks for your input, I really value everyone's ideas!
  11. I think they're great as long as they're meaningful. I think people that look down on others for having them are silly too!
  12. princessaj0603... i say do what you want, in life we mostly regret the things that we did not do, not the things we did-since all actions are learning experiences. i think that getting a memorial tattoo is a geat idea and one that you will be happy with in the future.

    as far as the pain goes- well, they hurt. but the pain has a purpose (the tattoo!) so you can deal with it i think. im a major pansy, but i'm also a heavily tattooed girl- full sleeve, chest, back, legs, arm, etc. and in the end, i think, the pain is completely worth the finished product, its only a short amount of time for something special for the rest of your life.

    as far as "branding" yourself or the negative comments on tattoos... there will always be people who dislike tattoos. there may be situations where people think youre a bad person because of them (crazy i know!) but we only have one life to live and we should always remember to do what makes us happy, even if it isnt what society, parents, friends etc. expect of us.

    good luck in whatever you decide!

  13. all tattoos are meaningful, because they are a personal experience. many of my tattoos do not have a specific event they are memorializing, rather a period of my life that can associated with them. many of my tattoos are also purely aestheically pleasing for me. whatever reason someone has for getting one can be no better than anothers.
  14. I really admire you. I wish I could be that girl that could totally ignore what others think of her. And I have actually gotten so much better since graduating high school. There are still things that bother me and being a sensitive person, I am usually hurt when not accepted. This tattoo would have great meaning for ME...meaning it would be for me, not for anyone else to approve. We do only have one life to live and why not make it the best we can?! Thank you for posting and saying what you said. I just want to make the best decision for me. It may take a while but it should because this is something forever and ever.

    You guys are the best!!
  15. wow thanks. and listen im not perfect, people can get to you sometimes, but that should be their problem, not yours.

    you should definately think it through and make the best decision for yourself- even if it takes a loooong time or even if you decide not to get it. its the thought that counts right :smile: