What are your thoughts on selling to buyers with low/neg FB?

  1. I have received several inquiries from international buyers on my high end items (over $1K). For 2 of these buyers, they have low feedback and in fact even have 1 or 2 negatives due to NPB, but what concerns me is that their buying history is for items that cost $10-$50. I am just curious why a person that normally buys $10 used t-shirts on eBay would suddenly start buying $1K+ designer items?
    Would this concern anyone?
  2. I only buy on eBay, and have never sold anything. But I would steer clear of any buyers with negative feedback, especially international buyers. It also sounds very suspicious that some of your inquiries are from people who have only bought very cheap items in the past. You are right to be concerned. You might want to state on your auction pages that you don't ship internationally.
  3. If they don't have confirmed addresses (US, UK, or Canada) I definately wouldn't agree to ship to them unless they paid some other way than paypal...and even then I would probably be worried.

    My general rule is, if it is more than I am willing to lose I won't do it, and if I did, I would use security tags or locks, and I would take a bunch of pictures.
  4. It's not worth the hassle in this case. Generally I don't discriminate against low feedback bidders, but negs and NPB is a whole diff story. Someone else will come along.
  5. i don't sell the buyers with low or bad feeback if they ask me a question and they have bad/low fd i tell them they can't bid on any of my auctions if a person bids i just cancel it
  6. Negative feedback... yikes, don't sell to them.

    But to answer your question, i'm no more wary towards buyers with low feedback (not neg, I would not let a person with a legitimate neg to buy), than to ones with high feedback. Anyone could be a scammer.

    Also, when I first started my third purchase was a Botkier and I was legitimate... and the two items I bought before that were $5 headbands and some fabric that cost $25. So to answer your question, i'd be more wary about the negatives than the fact that they all had feedbacks for low priced items.
  7. Negative feedback cos of NPB don't really bother me, so long as I'm paid this time round. Generally, I find that buyers who have bothered to ask questions etc really do want the item and will pay up. Only negative feedback which says things like the buyer fraudulently file Paypal claims will worry me.

    Their history of buying only low-priced items will make me sit up and take notice, but not necessarily refuse to sell to them. thus far, my instinct has worked well. If and when I don't feel quite right about this buyer, I'll ask for non-Paypal payments, eg. bank transfer or WU etc. And if they agree, my money is safe as a seller, so I will definitely ship to them.
  8. Yeah, it's not worth it. I used to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I've been NPBd too many times. With high end stuff, that risk is magnified... don't sell to them.
  9. When ebayers with dodgy feedback email me a question, I politely answer their question and then go to my blocked bidders list and add them. It's not worth it. I would rather make less than be strung along for days by a nut.
  10. man this stinks! i just opened an account on eBay and have no history at all... guess i'm gonna have to prove myself first by buying a bunch of low $$ and work my way up... only thing is, i'm not really that comfortable buying stuff on ebay anyway, which probably means it'll take a while for me to build up my credibility... :sad:

    can't say i blame the sellers though who rightfully get discouraged by low/no feedback bidders.. i've heard one too many ebay horror stories on this forum.
  11. Exactly. We all have to start somewhere, so low FB shouldn't be an issue.

    It's the negs and NPB that worry me.