What are your thoughts on putting your initials on the side of your bolide?

  1. hi! do most women leave the oval patch of leather on the bag without putting initials? what are your thoughts on doing that? thanks so much!

  2. i think its gorgeous looking. and i want to do it but havent gotten arounf to it.................i love your avatar tell me about your kelly please!
  3. hi hermesaholic~ my kelly is a 32 souple ebene evergrain. got it in paris this month. it's buttery smooth with a little texture. I love evergrain! I'm thinking of a bolide but am curious if others do that. I never see it done. tell me about your bolide. what size,leather,color... thanks!!!
  4. I've considered it but decided against it. It would just seem so ----- vain. KWIM?
  5. if i ever get a bolide i would consider it but.... i had my lv agenda heatstamped with my initials and now i'm stuck with it. it's lovely but huge and if i could i would sell it- but now that my stupid initials (which can't even pretend to stand for something cool) are in there it's mine forever. so bear that in mind...
  6. i think i do know what you mean hello2703...
  7. It may affect resale value should you find yourself in that position.
  8. hi groupie, good point...
  9. I would consider it, but like the others mentioned...if you do wish to pass it along it would definitely be a problem.
  10. Although every purchase I swear I'll never sell...I tend to turn things over and therefore would not but my initials on anything.....but do go for a bolide next!!!
  11. I'm of 2 minds on this question.

    When I was looking at bolides a few months ago I altogether intended to put my initials on it. It seems very special to me, that way. I've inherited things with my Gramma's initials, even great-greats initials. SOOOOO special! I tear up looking at some of it. :tender:

    BUT, then there's the "practical" emelent to it. What happens if you need the equity in the bag? It would hurt your resell, definitely. Although I have had a friend say the heatstamp made her WANT to purchase something from a reseller since she really felt Hermes would only stamp real and no counterfeiter would hurt their sale by faking it. So, it's a thought.

    OR another angle: married names! If you're single, what if you got married and changed your name? Or a spouse left or passed away and you couldn't bear your "old" initials?

    Either way, a single letter would be somewhat universal, but seems like a couple years behind that big one letter initial trend that was on everything from clothes to bags to china patterns!

    Wow, I didn't help at all. I suppose one way to be absolutely sure you WILL like the intials later is to inscribe your daughter's initials (if you have rug rats or teenage gals) and eventually pass it down to her! :heart:
  12. black 37 chevre with phw
  13. I'm considering inscribing my daughter's initials on my bags. Thanks for the thought.
  14. I haven't had my initials put on my bolide yet, but I plan on having it done. I've yet to sell a handbag from my collection so far so I'm not worried about resale issues. IMO life is short. I'm going to enjoy my bags and not worry about the what-ifs.
  15. I know I will never sell my first Hermes handbag I purchase in each style. I think the Bolide is a beautiful bag, but just a little understated for my tastes. I spoke w/ my SA this week about that. I asked him if Hermes had ever done an "H" or a logo on the oval patch. He said he doesn't recall one, but he feels as I do about it. It would be really good looking on the bag. I told him when I purchase my Bolide I would either do my initials or have an H for Hermes there. He liked the idea.
    In response to your question, yes I like the initials on the oval patch.