What are your thoughts on nylon bags?

  1. I've been seeing some cute nylon bas online but have never tried one as I've always had leather or jacquard. Would like to read some of your thoughts on nylon bags--pros, cons, etc. TIA!
  2. what style bag are you looking for ?

    I have this in black
    great bag, no worries about weather, it just wipes off :smile:
    I think they look great and easy to take care of.
    this is cute as well

    totally love this, [​IMG] cute, easy on the shoulder. I think they are great bag that you dont have to worry about
  3. I dislike most of them. For the most part, I think they are greatly overpriced. $500 for a nylon Prada bag or $1000+ for a Chanel vinyl or nylon bag is just ridiculous in my mind. If you like it, obviously, you are the one spending the money and carrying it so that is what should matter to you. I just think that for the price of many of them, there are much better leather bags that I would rather buy.
  4. I never had real leather/suede until recently, but even when I bought cheap bags, I stayed away from nylon. They remind me of the free diaper bags you get when you have a baby. Even if it's a good brand they still feel cheap to me.
  5. Unless it is specifically needed for a certain purpose, I would not buy one. Certainly they can be good for backpacking, hiking and other outdoor activities because they wipe or wash clean, water doesn't harm them and they dry quickly. They are also very lightweight.

    But for totes, computer bags or book/file bags I prefer other materials. I don't feel that nylon is the best use of my money, but for the person who loves them they are well worth it.
  6. I have a Le Sport Sac that I use from time to time. Most of the time when I go somewhere with my kids.
  7. I have one I like. It's the animal print tote in the $50 and under bag thread(page 1 I believe). Usually I only get leather, but this tote called to me. :roflmfao:
  8. Nylon bags, not my cup of tea.
  9. I use my nylon longchamp for running with teens who are in sports. Other than that if the bag isn't too heavy leather is my favorite.
  10. Same here...don't like the design.
  11. i like them. you don't have to get a Prada...there are other affordable nylon bags out there. But I guess it depends on what you would be using it for..
  12. I like the Longchamp Pliage. Accepts rought handling (like tossing around in the car), doesn't mind rain, can be stored in a tiny space because you can fold it and can be cleaned in the washing machine... I have it in five different colours and two sizes. And the small one is only 48.00 € - about $ 70.00 I think. The medium size is about 90 or 100 $. And they have different colours every season...
    Regina :tup:
  13. I love my Longchamp Le Pliage. I take it with me when I travel- I love how it folds up so I can pack it, and fill it with stuff to take home. When I was in college I used it as my tote bag. I took it literally everywhere and it still looks new. I don't think it's too expensive either, plus I see them on sale at Saks from time to time (the last season colors) for less than $100. I wouldn't spend a whole lot on a nylon bag though.
  14. I have a black nylon Prada tote, but I only use it as a dance bag. I only have leather as my everyday and special occasion bags. Nylon isn't my style at all for anything other than what I use it for.

    BTW, I love my Prada bag! It always looks sharp and crisp.