What are your thoughts on calf hair bags?

  1. About six months ago I had bid on an Isabella on eBay, but the buyer never contacted me with the shipping info, so I never received it. (that's another story, just some back ground on my thoughts).

    However, today when I went to spend my gift cards at Nordstrom, I picked up a Lock:heart: and a Botkier - both calf.

    Since Isabella had been doing this look months ago and Nordstrom had these two reduced I am wondering - will this look continue into next season - or am I "last years" bag.

    Also, what do you personally think of the calf hair bags? to hairy? hard on up keep?

    Will they "go bald"?

  2. Ick - the thought of a calf hair bag just grosses me out! I don't think it looks particularly attractive, and the thought of having my arm brushing up against animal hair as I carry my bag is just not pleasant. There've been bags I've seen online that I really liked in the thumbnail picture, then on close inspection fount out it has patches of hair on it, and that spoils the bag for me.
  3. Depends upon the style. I have 2 small ones that I love but some look really ugly. Its a delicate material and cant really be cleaned, so its not for everyday use- thats for sure!
  4. I'm not sure. The idea creeps me out too. It can look really nice, but I don't like the feel of it. I think it's pretty high maintainance too.
  5. I don't like them at all!!!:throwup:
  6. Like any other bag, it depends how it looks. Do you have a picture? I think black calf hair on black leather can look good, but it depends on how the bag looks as a whole.
  7. I really dislike them myself. I think they are unattractive and the hair creeps me out.
  8. No thank you; not for me. My sister has a black fur Francesco Biasia bag that she carries with her everywhere, and I think the fur is just not attractive.
    It is all a matter of preference, though. If you like it and will enjoy it, then you should get it.
    It is just not my taste, personally.
    Good luck!
  9. I like how the hair bags look, at least the well made ones, but fear it would not hold up for everyday use and start to look ratty fast. I almost bought a b&w Rafe at the Nordstrom summer sale and it sold out on the pre-sale. I am trying to convince myself it was a good thing for me. I had come home with a Cole Haan hair bag but took it back when I realized it was too hard to get into.

    Personally, I wonder how long the shiny sticky patent craze is going to last.
  10. I love haircalf. I think that they always look rich, sleek and chic. Plus, it has a texture that is like no other. Lately, I am feeling kind of "bored" with just another flat leather bag. Although I love the new valentino bag that is kind of woven through at the top and it is kind of puffy. that's different to me.
  11. I have an Isabella Fiore calf hair black on black bag. It has held up very well. The hair is very short so I don't get the feelings that is creepy. After all what is the leather? Anyways, I only carry it when it is cold out since I feel like it is a very wintery bag.
  12. Same here. The idea of hair, baby cow hair at that, being on my handbag creeps me out. I already have a hard time with the idea that my bbags were made with the skin of a goat....

    hat being said, if YOU like it though, get it.
  13. It's all about personal preference. I just don't like it. Like some said before it is creepy. For the longest time I went through a no eating or killing animal stage so I carried faux leather then throughout the years I started carrying leather. Sometimes I still feel guilty about it. I'm with you Neptune on the Bbags being made from goat I can't stand the idea but those bags are so damn irresistible!! I can't help it. Other than that I can't carry anything else like python and mink and the thought of carrying the calf hair grosses me out even more because its hairy and you can feel it. I don't know how well they hold up but anyways its all up to you if you really like the look then go for it.
  14. someone once told me that anything made out of calf hair will bald.
  15. I dont know about going bald but I can tell you this, My sister-in-law bought an IF calf hair which she really like and carried quite a bit, at any rate she sat it on the hearth in front of their gass fireplace just absentmindedly when she came in and forgot to move it, they used the fireplace in the evening when it got cooler out and the next day when she grabbed her bag the side that had been right in front of the firescreen had singed (sp?) from the heat. Needless to say it was destroyed so just be sure and keep your bags away from high heat or anything else that would normally damage hair.