What are your thoughts on a Bronze Lexington?

  1. Ok.. I've posted before about buying the Vernis Perle Malibu Street vs. Lexington Perle.. and in the end I broke down and got the Vernis Perle Malibu Street. ;) And now.. I've found a Bronze Lexington for $395.00 (+26.50 shipping) on Ebay :wtf:.. in pretty good shape, with only 1 color transfer (a back speck by the base of the bag.. I've mentioned before that once receive my Malibu Street and Epi Jasmin (which I've ordered from Eluxury), I'm supposed to go on a bag ban :Push:.. I have a pair of bronze and a pair of copper shoes that I think it would DEFINATELY go with.. and Bronze is so hard to find... :sweatdrop:

    Do you guys think it's a good deal?? :shrugs:
  2. Um,i would say not realy,its going to go out of style sooner or later(the whole bronze thing i mean)but the vernis in perle is gorgeous,you made a realy good choice on that one :smile:
  3. I love the bronze.
  4. Awesome color but the bag is too small, IMO.
  5. I think I've seen the one you're talking about. Very nice and a wonderful seller :yes: I wouldn't have any use for it (too tiny :sad:) but it's a beauty!
  6. see that's the thing.. lol.. the 2 pairs of shoes I haven't even worn yet!! (I'm somewhat of a hoarder, I guess??) But I'm wondering if an occasion arises where either of those shoes need to be worn, I won't have a purse to match..

    Actually I've thought that the bag was also too small IMO, that's why I chose the Malibu.. but I was thinking I could just use it to hold my cell phone, maybe an extremely small wallet (like a cles), lipgloss and possibly my keys (maybe I'll have to take a few keychains off!). I was just thinking that it would go with the shoes so well!!
    *sigh* decisions, decisions!!
  7. I'm not really sure if that's a good deal, but a bronze lexington would be lovely, especially if you have the pieces to match it already ! :yes:
  8. Well, I LOVE the bronze Vernis, one of their best colors IMO. :yes: The Lexington is small though, and the price seems high to me for a used vernis lexington (anyone else notice that vernis does not resale has high as other lines?) Anyway, I would probably go for it if it were say under $300 shipped, but probably not for that price. JMO. :flowers:
  9. kookielf124, if you decide to get it, you could ask her about a best offer. As far as I heard, she's often willing to lower the price a bit. Definitely worth a try :yes:

  10. Really??? Hmm.. definately something to consider.. I did think the price was a little high too.. Thanks! :flowers: