what are your thoughts between e/w and the classic medium flap?

  1. Both are sooo gorgeous... i'll like to know what do you ladies feel about the difference between the both of them and which would you choose if you are just gonna get one?
  2. I would get the classic medium. I just like the proportions better. For some reason, I'm not a huge fan of E/W flaps. That's just me though. Lots of ladies on TPF love theirs.
  3. ladies..i'm pretty new to chanel..what's hte difference btw the medium flap bag and the e/W? it looks the same to me...any1 have pix to share the differenece? thx
    also, as for the price..wha'ts hte difference?
  4. ladies..i'm pretty new to chanel..what's hte difference btw the medium flap bag and the e/W? it looks the same to me...any1 have pix to share the differenece? thx
    also, as for the price..wha'ts hte difference?
  5. ^I'm getting my white jumbo today! I think if you get it in caviar you don't have to worry about it nearly as much as lambskin. :yes:

    Side by side of M/Lrg versus E/W.
  6. May i also know if you girls prefer the caviar leather or the lambskin one?

    the lambskin one looks way too pretty but i have heard that its very prone to scratches....
  7. I would personally only get flaps in caviar just because they last longer and are easier to maintain.

    I think that both flaps are nice depending on what you plan on using it for.

    The East/West is definitely more of a night only bag, since it can only fit a few select items because of it's size. The Med/Lrg is more versatile and can be transitioned easily from day to night. It's not too big, but not too small either.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply me =)
    I am sure you are gonna look great with the jumbo!!! i am sooo envious.... the jumbo looks funny on me and i am soo sad about it .

    i am gonna look through more pics and try to decide on one. hopefully i am gonna get either of it before the horrendous price increase!!!!
  9. ^Ahh yes, do hurry! That's why I got my jumbo. I'm actually going to go shower and get ready so I can go pick it up!!! I'm so excited. The Jumbo is extremely large, and I'm only 5'2". I don't care though, I liked the way it looked on and I HAD to have it.

    Don't let my comments about the E/W sway you. It's still a GORGEOUS flap. I personally like bigger bags, so that's why I vote M/Lrg, but other TPFers look so great in their modeling pics with the e/w. Let us know what you decide!
  10. I prefer the medium but the e/w is nice for evening.
  11. the e/w has not got an extra inside flap as the med/large has!I'd personally suggest the med/large :more true to the original design and can be worn on more occasions!
    Caviar indeed needs less maintainance but Lambskin is more luxurious and does not lose its lustre even after 20 years!
    if you're not going to use it very often I'd say you go for lambskin!Hope that helps!:smile:
  12. I think it depends on what you want to use it for and your lifestyle and of course which style of e/w you're considering vs. which style of medium flap. Btw - they're actually the same size in length. Hold the bottom of the two together and you'll see they're the same. The size difference is only in the height.

    The pricing definitely differs though. The pre-increase price of a caviar e/w I believe is $1350 USD(or it could be $1395 can't remember exactly) and the pre-increase price of a caviar medium classic flap is $1995USD. As of Nov 1st latest they'll be more expensive.

    The e/w typically only has a single chain and there is no double flap. The bijoux chain is a double chain. It also has no back exterior pocket or front pocket. As such there's less nooks & crannies for organization, but really unless you're using those spots to hold papers/cards and can't imagine not having that organizational flexibility you won't miss those pockets. If you only put one layer of items into your flap then the e/w and caviar medium flap really pretty much holds the exact same amount of items. If anything I find it easier to fit slightly more into the e/w or at least have less tight a fit due to the fact that the sides of the e/w can be 100% expanded meaning the sides are 90 degrees perpendicular to the front/back. Whereas the back of the side of the medium flap is actually stitched to the back so you lose a bit of room on both sides.

    If you're only going to have one flap ever I'd go with the medium classic flap just cuz it's eternally classic.

    After I got my first medium classic flap I got an e/w to diversify a bit and I LOVE it to bits. Really really :heart: it. It's easy to get in and out of - I don't have to worry about the inner flap. The one I got has the bijoux chain so it gives me the flexibility to wear it messenger style. The bag is also incredibly light.

    If at all possible - I'd go to a dept store or boutique and try out the different styles in the different leather. Sometimes you just gotta rely on that gut feeling and see what you totally fall in love with.

    As for colour - if you want anything remotely light coloured I'd stick with caviar. I loooove the feel of the lambskin but so far have only dared to get it in black.

    Anyways, hope this was helpful and good luck with your choice! :flowers:
  13. I have both and its hard to compare because of the significant price difference between the two. I personally prefer the look of the classic flap... but the e/w is not a bad value for the money if you're looking for something with a flap, not necessarily a classic.