what are your thoughts about this Ferragamo bag?

  1. i like it but i don't love it
  2. It's a beautiful color, and it's a very elegant looking bag...I just prefer a bag with a little more detail on the body. This one is a little plain (for me) :smile:
  3. Nice color but (to me) it looks like a coach
  4. yeah, its kinda plain..... but the color is really nice.... thanks all for the feedback..
  5. I don't like it. you could get a nice leather bag for that price
  6. It's okay ... I love the color but I prefer bags in leather, easier to maintain JMO.
  7. Put it this way: if it weren't Ferragamo, would you be thinking of buying it? :biggrin:

    And I agree with *Jem*, you can get a lovely leather bag for that price.
  8. The bag is pretty but I prefer the more traditional Ferragamo bags. I have an all leather marissa bag that I reall enjoy using.
  9. hm...the bag is nice but just nothing to say "wow"
  10. I have to agree with the comments above - it's a little boring (especially when you consider all the great white and cream bags out there this year).
  11. I like it, but not in fabric.
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