What are your thoughs on "inspired" bags?

  1. I was at the mall the other day and stopped by the local leathergoods store. They don't sell any well-known brands, but they had lots of stuff thatwas clearly insipired by Mulberry bags and they had a few "Birkins" in diffrent kind of leathers and several colors. The bags were pretty pricey, in the $400-1000 range.

    I did ask a friend of mine that's a lawyer and according to her it's not illegal, since they're not claiming that the bags are Hérmés or Mulberry, and the bags are probably not mirror replicas of the real thing.

    What are your thoughts on this? Personally I would not spend $1000 on a "Birkin" when I could get an authentic Mulberry, Gucci, Prada etc. for the same price.
  2. My thought is....no way would I ever buy an inspired bag...save up for the real thing if at all possible or buy something else.
  3. well im sure the inspired bags are quality, unlike a knockoff, but i personally just buy what i can afford and enjoy what i have. coach/kooba :yes:
  4. If you do a search, there are several lengthy threads devoted to this topic, and lots of opinions on both sides :smile:
  5. Sorry:sad: , I'm a newbie here and wasn't familiar with the search function. I'll do a serach in the future.
  6. No biggie, I'm still new myself. I just noticed that repeat threads don't get a lot of discussion.
  7. I think you might find that alot of ladies here are "ok" with the inspired bags- because, as mentioned above, they are not sporting fake tags and claiming to be real bags. There are some pretty passionate opinions about fakes vs. inspireds on here.....
  8. i really don't care about inspired bags, i personally would never buy one, but to each his own.
  9. I HATE inspired bags!:yes: