What are your simple little pleasures in life?

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  1. What little everyday things make you happy for some odd reason? List 5 off the top of your head.

    Mine are:
    - spreading cream cheese
    - light dimmers
    - crisp morning air
    - the way caramel apple pops form to your mouth
    - stapling, hole punching, office supplies in general
  2. playing with my dogs and birds
    laying my head down on my pillow after a long hard day
    first cup of coffee in the morning
    catching up with my husband at the end of the day
    when laying in bed seeing the moon shine through the skylight over the bed
    • Hugs from my son.
    • Walking the dog.
    • Getting up earlier than the rest of the family in the morning, enjoying a cup of coffee and surfing the net.
    • A fire in the fireplace.
    • My orchids that are blooming now, working in the garden.
    • Being in the mountains or near the ocean.
  3. I woke up this morning and felt one of the most simple life pleasures... I looked out the window, saw a gorgeous day, and just felt happy.
  4. Eating (I love food)
    Scoring a brand new purse for a great price on eBay
    Making soap
    My BF and his kitty
  5. - My puppy
    - A delicious meal
    - Hubby being nice to me (oh this is not simple, is it?)
  6. - Finishing a good workout and enjoying the energy I get from it
    - The first cup of coffee in the morning
    - When I'm at work and the clock on my computer turns to 5:00 p.m.
    - Coming home and giving my bf a kiss and talking about our days
    - Lying on the sofa watching TV with the bf, both of my cats with me, one on my stomach, the other on my legs
  7. - My bunny train! (I have two doting bunnies, the first one thinks I'm his mommy so he follows me everywhere..and the second is in love with the one following me...so he follows him! haha..I call it the "bunny train" whenever I am walking around the house!)
    - Backrubs from my BF
    - My 830PM phonecall from my BF
    - Talking to my mom
    - A Good hair day! haha
  8. i just have one.... every day when i wake up and get home from work, im just glad to see my turtle swimming around in his tank - this means .... he's still alive! :biggrin: so that just makes everything just a little better!
  9. Helen - :lol: :lol: :lol: That is so funny about your turtles!

    Mine are: my two JRT puppies (well, they're 4 and 5 years old) Maybe I will post a picture here.

    And the other absolute indulgence I have is Lush products. They are animal testing free bath products and highly addictive!!!!

    Here's a picture of my pooches:

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  10. How I feel after a great workout...(not a simple pleasure..more of an accomplishment)

    Cuddled up with my Min pin Violet, lap top on my lap, Lifetime on the tv and a cosmo on my bedside table...BLISS

    A good day shopping

    Getting into my skinny jeans

    Eating Mexican food

    hanging out with my best friends ...just hanging out!
  11. They ar absolutely adorable!!!!:love:
  12. They are adorable! We have a jrt, he's about 1 year old (we think). We rescued him from a neighbor who left him tied outside with a big dog all day and night with no shelter! That makes me SOOO MAD!! Ok, rant over... He is such a happy guy now. We also have a min pin who is the "old lady" of the house (she's almost 12). She even acts like an old lady- cranky & finicky (lol).
  13. Zoomom-

    It's so refreshing to hear people rescuing them. So many people don't have the patience to train them and end up abandoning them or even worse, hurting them. I absolutely love JRT's. When I retire, one of the things I'd like to do is have a JRT rescue. They are the best dogs ever! Does yours have any weird idiosyncracies?

    I just love dogs of all kinds!
  14. The sun, the sky, the ocean, the beach, ALL my offspring (just seeing them, even better kissing and hugging them).