What are your "silly" fears?

  1. Mine is:

    I'm afraid that Diet Coke really does have calories in it and that Coca-Cola has been lying to us all this time. I know.. WEIRD! But I have this thing where I don't like drinking my calories so I try to stick to drinks with no calories in them. Feel free to laugh at me.. LOL!
  2. Hmmmm, I don't know!!

    I can't stand the sound of something buzzing in my ear - I get the shakes and get scared, lol. Idk if that's silly though!
  3. I HATE fish....they are creepy and ugly, and they make me sick to my stomach....so I guess sea food is out, too....LOL. I also don't even like the look of Swedish Fish (the candy) I think they are repulsive and icky looking
  4. FROGS! ick, just eeeurgh in general
  5. I always worry that whoever my current SO is will dump me or cheat on me, even if everything in our relationship is absolutely perfect and he is a trustworthy partner.
  6. Bugs. I know I'm so much bigger than them, but still, they move really fast!!! :wtf:
  7. That making a major purchase, even when I have the funds completely free and available, will somehow end my very existence as a human being :wacko: well, that or my parents will be disappointed in me as a person, lol

    That if someone ever tried to rob my house while I was away, they'd skip the jewelry and the art and go for my Chihuahua children :crybaby:Take everything else, leave my doggies!!!!!!

    That something will cause my carefully planned beach trip to go awry and I'll never be able to plan another family vacation again!!
  8. Bugs in my shoes. I always shake them out before putting them on.
  9. K, I know you'll all probably laugh at me. My bf does it all the time. But bubbles. I can do the bubble baths and stuff, but when thing's are boiling and when you get a cup of hot chocolate and there are BUBBLES in the drink, it just gives me the heeby jeebies!
  10. im afraid that there will be an earthquake and i wont be able to find my glasses and then id be s.o.l
  11. I have a longstanding fear of being pooped on by a bird
  12. That actually happened to me, it was not pleasant :push:
  13. I had that happen too! I also had a spider land on my head once and a dog bit me once too!
  14. This is going to sound odd, but crossing the road, I don't like that at all!
  15. Palo Verde beetles. They run around in my yard--so scary! I was bit by a number of scary looking beetles when I was in Mongolia and so now they frighten me...