What are your *signature* wardrobe/bag colours?

  1. My signature bag colour is brown. I have more brown bags than any other colour. I have one everyday black bag, he he. Next I like blue!

    And my signature clothing colours are cream and dark blue / navy. I need to get navy trousers, but I want to lose weight first. Oh! Must exercise!! (And I always wish I had more purple.)

    Of course I wear all other colours, but not yellow or ANYTHING pastel - wouldn't look good.

    And my shoes just match.
  2. Signature color: wardrobe- blue jeans with white/black/pale pink tops
    Signature color bags: black, brown, deep red or blue. Never pastel.
  3. Wardrobe:
    Weekends...Jeans, simple top and juicy sweat top.

    Handbags: I vary depending on the color top I wear
  4. I'm the same way too ... most of my bags are in various shades of brown, from beige to chocolate brown. I guess the main colors of my collection are brown, black, cream and grey. I've been lusting for a red bag but still looking for the perfect one.

    As for my wardrobe, I do tend to gravitate towards the browns, blacks, greys and cream. I do occasionally wear pinks, reds or light greens but my uniform is pretty consistent ... black cashmere turtleneck, skinny jeans and my Ugg boots.
  5. Signature color: Black, if I'm not wearing some black, I'm wearing brown. Also I only wear silver/white gold jewelry.

    Signature bag colors: black, brown
  6. my bags- black/red/tan/creme

    wardrobe- black/red/denim/heather gray/white/cobalt and cremes
    i love wearing neutral classy but chic clothing but add accessories like silver shoes or a red bag or chunky gold jewelry!!
  7. My signature clothing color is teal, though I prefer more sedate bags- brown, black, grey, etc.
  8. My signature bag is the Marc Jacobs Venetia in graphite.
  9. So what would you plan to be your signature colour, like thinking about it or if you don't have one? That can be a part of this.
  10. Workout clothes of any color !!:sweatdrop:
    and bathing suits of any color:beach:


    NO particular sig bag color.....I like to vary my colors !
  11. Purses: Blues, Greens, patterns.
    Clothing: Lately, plaid, light greens, and white.
  12. Black, black, and more black....
  13. Black and white.
  14. :yes: Me too. And each time I veer away from black and experiment I find myself pulled back to the safety of black. Always silver jewellery and neutrals adding to the black base colour of most of my clothes. Bags in a novel colour to liven things up have been a recent experiment and still feels very daring since most of my bags all my adult life have been black, brown or grey! I am sooooo dull!
  15. my sgnature bag is balenciaga, i've been wearing them like 90% of the time, from clutch, to small first bags for night, to medium city bags for shopping, to big weekender bags to work.