What are your requirements for a LV bag?

  1. When you are looking to buy a bag, is there something that a bag has to have or not have?

    For example with my aunt, her requirements are NO upside down LVs (she decided this after getting both the Monogram Speedy 30 and Popincourt Haut and not liking the fact that one side is upside down) and NO made in Spain.

    For me in general I require NO open-top and NO Vachetta bottom.

    How about you? :flowers:
  2. hmm. good topic. but not that i have really noticed. i like to look for the ones made in france, but if spain or usa is all they have then i guess it's fine. i tend to take france and spain over usa. i'd rather not have usa. i sometimes try to get bags that don't have a lot of vachetta though because always obsess over it turning into an even patina. i don't want to not be happy with the bag because i don't like how the patina turned.
  3. The bag has to be simple, yet classy.

    That's why you'd never see me with the navy polka dots bag...too much going on for me, although it's a nice bag.

    The less vachetta, the better, although Beverly MM has lots of vachetta and I'm still going to get it...

    Doesn't close with a belt closure...ie the Marelle is a no-no. I really want the mono Sologne but I'm having second thoughts because it's not a snap closure...the belt thingy would be a pain.

    If I like a bag, I usually just think about how much I'll use it, how it'll go with my clothes, etc. I don't really think about why I wouldn't want the bag.
  4. good symmetry
  5. I tend to like a medium to large size. I prefer a secure top either zipper or a flap completely covering the top. And most the time, I prefer a shoulder bag.
  6. In general, I prefer:

    no open top
    no hand-held
    no rolled leather handles

    I made an exception for my speedy, but in general rolled leather handles hurt my shoulders/arms after too long. Open top bags make me super paranoid, and in general I'm more of a shoulder bag girl!
  7. Great question. If I'm spending hundred of dollars on an LV bag...

    - And I really must have it and cannot live it out and I'm TOTALLY in LOVE with it? :drool: then there are no requirements...
    - But, if I'm am in need of an everyday-functional bag then it should a) be a medium to large-sized shoulder bag and have an easy shape (when I'm on the move, I move fast and I need to be able to get in and out of my bag quickly withOUT ANY hassle) because I usually carry around bottled water, an agenda and somethimes a book, and anything else I might pick up during the day so my bag MUST be spacious; b) should be regular Monogram Canvas (because it goes with ANYTHING - I'm a very casual dresser) and in that case, it should have enough cowhide trim as well as cowhide straps (I LOVE the patina process!), and finally, it should c) have enough interior compartments (such as a zip/patch pocket and cell-phone holder) for me to store my small things like pens, cell phone, compact mirror, metrocard, and keys (I need to get my stuff in and out of the bag without any hassle - ORGANIZATION is KEY!).

    So, all-in-all, when it comes to my ideal Louis Vuitton bag, functionality is important. A Papillon or Alma won't do it because they can be a pain to carry and are too small. I also need something soft because it will be easy to hold on my lap when I'm on the train or bus. A shoulder bag is best for me because it slips EASILY onto the shoulder and doesn't require much work to pull or drop things into and out of the bag. And with that, I now present my ideal LV Bag... my lovely Batignolles Horizontal (got 'er about 2 1/2 weeks ago and she's starting to oxidize lovely!)...



    Here is a pic of my daily travel accessories:
    1. Lubriderm lotion
    2. Metrocard
    3. Hello Kitty compact mirror
    4. Samsung cell phone (for Sprint)
    5. keys
    6. Hello Kitty pouch (for napkins, handwipes, bandaids, nail file, and chapstick)
    7. Hello Kitty tin (for gum)
    8. Hello Kitty wallet
    9. Small vial of Chanel No. 5 perfume (barely visible)
    10. Sanrio pens (Hello Kitty and Chococat)
    11. Hello Kitty Agenda! ;)
  8. I guess I just want to be able to use it anywhere. Trendy is nice but some times not appropriate. I only own a Cabas Piano and a wallet the Piano is almost always good some times I feel to casual so I am planning on getting more LV's and my next one is and Epi Speedy I think its casual but yet you can dress it up.
  9. Any bag I buy has to have an inside zipped pocket. That's where I keep my wallet. That way if the bag only has a flap or an open top, my wallet can't be easily lifted from it. I would also like a cell phone pocket if possible too.

    I have only owned LV accessories so far, but I get the feeling that a bag with a vachetta bottom would drive me batty. I am OCD about the bottoms of my black leather bags already.

    Lindsay, I love all of your Hello Kitty stuff!
  10. You sound like me! :roflmfao:
  11. The less common the better for me.
  12. Thats a good one, I don't like to have pieces I'll see every single day on a hundred girls.

    I also don't like really tiny bags, unless its evening.
  13. I must LOVE it and it must be practical.
    DH has to like it at least a little bit. I want to wear something he likes :yes:
    It mustn't be trendy.
    It has to be something I don't see all the time on others.
  14. Secured opening, no open top
    Shoulder bag, no hand-held
    Minimum vachetta
    Lightweigh (no heavy bags thanks)
  15. i like many LV bags but only will purchase some of the ones i like :smile:.
    - zip top (no open top or buckle/ clasp closure)
    - soft opening (so that my hand will not get scratch :p)
    - below usd1000 (to keep my sanity in check :biggrin:)
    these 3 "rules" are set in my mind to deter me from buying some bags i like but i probably will have a hard time when using it in real life. i'm the kind that don't sell my bag after purchase and don't do returns. sometimes i think i'm too hard on myself lol.