what are your real names?

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  1. this is a really silly post....
    apart from what's your real name, do you like it or would you have changed it with something else?
  2. I'll give you one guess as to what my real name is ;)

    I like my name because it doesn't have an "H" in it. My middle name is Isabel, which I :love: My mom and I have the same middle name. Even though people misspell my first name all the time, I still like it.
  3. I like the spelling of your name, too, Cristina. And Isabel is a pretty name! Didn't you watch Days of Our Lives? I think that was one of John's wives' names....lol My first name is Tyrona! Imagine spelling that to everyone!
  4. My first name is Jenny, not very original, but I like it :P
    And Cristina, I like that spelling too! Tyrona, that's a really pretty name :love:

    Divina, you forgot to tell us YOUR real name silly :P
  5. i am very silly indeed :smile:
    well to tell you the truth i opened this post beacuse sometimes i feel embarassed about my name. My real name is the name of my nick: Divina Lucilla. When I say my name to people, I sometimes see strange faces beacuse it makes them automatically think that I am a very snobbish person which is not true (well, not always:amuse:). But in the end I like it, I am very used to it and i love roman names such as Lucilla, Massimo, Adriano, etc....
  6. Divina Lucilla, that's a beautiful name! :smile: So original! Sounds italian ;)
  7. As much as my name may seen to be a well known name, I bet many of you don't know how I spell it. ;)

    My name is Meaghan. That's right- an A and an H. My dads family came from Ireland so this is the complete Gaelic way of spelling it! All that I notice is that noone ever spells my name right no matter what...
  8. I'm Vladimir, nice to meet you.

    Would I like to change it? Heck no, it's pretty unique and not very common in the western world, and I'm proud to carry it.
  9. I love original names & unusual spellings!
  10. Thanks Tyrona and Jenny :biggrin: I didn't watch Days of Our Lives, but I love All My Children!

    Divina Lucilla, what a pretty and original name :biggrin: And Megs, I've always loved the name Megan/Meagan/Meaghan, no matter what way it's spelled, but the way yours is spelled is very pretty :love:
  11. My real name is Deirdra, from Greek mythology not Irish folklore.
    My middle name is Medea, also from Greek mythology.

    YES, when I was in grade school and high school I wanted to change my name to Jessica; because I wanted one name that people 1 - could spell 2 - pronounce and 3 - not make fun of.
  12. My real name is Nichola. No-one ever gets it right either - they always forget the 'h'. My dad and grandad are both Nicholas', so in an act of extreme narcisim, they knocked off the 's', and here I am.

    I used to want to change it - in school as a child everyone used to call me 'nickers' (knickers). I hated that. But, I've gotten used to it now.
  13. wow you all have very nice names indeed!!
    Deirdra...I am in love with greek mythology and so I am in love with your name.
    Yes my name sounds italian beacuse my dad is italian, and i live in rome and in london (more in london, though, i prefere it!).
    Megs, I imagine you get upset beacuse people don't spell your name right but you should be very proud beacuse you have this particular way of spelling.
    Vladimir your name is not common at all,and it makes me think of a russian prince :biggrin:
  14. I was thinking of this exact thread funny!! I'm Elizabeth
  15. that's good :nuts:
    i thought it was a silly thread but in the end it is not, you get acquainted with many new names!