What are your purse purchasing plans for 2008? Here's mine.. now share yours!

  1. Here's mine... What's yours?

    I know a lot of you are on bans until 2008 (that's me :sad:)... and some luckier ones who Don't have to be...but aren't we all waiting for the S/S 08 lines from various designers.. and waiting to put another dent in our C.C., savings, DH's wallets, etc.

    What plans do you have for this next year...

    Chanel: metallic dark purple reissue 227, GST with new caviar, Khaki Baby Cabs, OLD modern Chain E/W tote, Pink Caviar Jumbo Flap with SH (if i can find it):heart:, Chanel Cef tote(if i get into the Rutgers business school in the fall, can't believe i need a chanel as an encouragement:roflmfao:)

    Other designers: LV Damier Neverfull MM, LV Tivoli GM or PM, Balenciaga 08 magenta or BG Step, Fendi Baby Spy in Pink or Purple

    How to Budget: i won't buy bags just because they are cheap or are on sale if i didn't love it.. and will only reward myself when i truly believe that i deserve it... like.. after a semester of good grades, paying off my debt, keeping the house clean for at least a month:shame:, etc!!
  2. well i have a little girl who just turned one. when i stopped breastfeeding her, i bought a pair of louboutin anemones.

    i am buying my first chanel, because i had a tough year bringing her up on my own and i think i deserve it

    so my chanel desires for 2008 are:

    black reissue 226 or 227
    timeless clutch any colour
    jumbo envelope any colour
  3. I'm waiting for a Chanel I adore. So far some of the newer styles do not send me..... Some look very cheap.
  4. I know for sure I will be getting the new GST in washed caviar (well, as long as it's as TDF as they told me it was). After that, I really feel like my collection is coming to a close. Unless they come out with a truly amazing seasonal bag or a blue or grey fonce jumbo, that will most likely be my only bag from any brand. I bought 6 bags this year alone and a J12, so I really need to slow down. :yes:
  5. you sound alot like me and that is my reason for rewarding myself. My lsit for 2008;
    Medallion tote in beige, cambon large tote black patent, large classic flap caviar in beige, GST black with s/h. Well I can dream and chuck in 2 Chanel wallets.
    other designers; Louis Vuittin wallet, Balenciaga 2008 slim bag.
  6. aww cammy1, well done to you...we do deserve it :yes:
  7. Chanel: J12:yes:!!! A red pst, a beige or pink medium flap.
    Other designers: Balenciaga Pale Magenta City:love: and coin purse.
  8. A chanel j12 and maybe/probably the new 08 dark red reissue. I need to slow down on my purchases also!
  9. I am waiting for those new colors on the new reissue...hoping to get the purple metallic if it looks yummy irl. Meanwhile, I am not buying any bag....so hard to resist...argh!
  10. A classic red Chanel bag that's not a flap
  11. reissue is on my list but probably will be 2009.......
  12. Black caviar e/w small flap or timeless clutch or BOTH.
  13. I feel content right now so I hope it stays that way. However, if my husband said honey we just won the lotto go buy anything you want I would probably get a red flap and a gray flap.
  14. ahh like alot of us, I am desperately waiting to see what the new colours will be like. I would love a purple reissure if the colour is anything atall like the plum!

    other than that, gosh, I would love some pearls and the buckled shoes, sigh :smile:
  15. I missed out on getting a reissue in 2005 and this year so I'm definetely getting a dark red reissue and I would like a black GST with s/h.