What are your pregnancy symptoms

  1. Ok, so I have been trying ever since we had a miscarriage. And seriously- every month right before AF comes to visit, I seriously think or convince myself that I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I always have insatiable hunger, sleepiness, overly thirsty, bloatedness, sore breasts, etc... are there symptoms i should be watching out for. I'm starting to think that these are normal for my cycle.
  2. These are similar symptons I get before AF.... I've never been pregnant so I have no idea what to expect either.
  3. I heard that if you're prego you have this heightened sense of smell and I imagined that I smelled all these things so I thought for sure I'm prego.

    Another thing is that I heard little children can tell if you're pregnant. I have had a few friends tell me that their first kids have pointed to their bellies and said "baby" right before they find out their pregnant with their second child. So everytime some kid calls me mom by accident or something else strange, I think, that I must be pregant. Especially when it happened around the time I had IVF!
  4. Right before I found out I was pg, I totally expected AF to come. I had lower back pain, aches & pains, low energy levels...all the things that I get before AF comes. I didn't have morning sickness until I was 6 weeks along (long after I found out I was pregnant) and I haven't ever had a heightened sense of smell. I did notice that the smell of the body lotions I used to love now turned me off. Hang in there.
  5. These are my normal AF symptoms.
  6. That kept happening to me time after time I'd think I was pregnant until my period came, until last time, when finally I was pregnant! So don't discount anything, the symptoms are miserably the same for both, so one of these days you may be right!


    When we haven't done the HPT yet, but I kinda had the feeling that I might be pregnant.. one day, my daugther pointed on my tummy and said.. "BABY!". I was SHOCKED!!!! and was a little excited because we were trying for our 2nd already. Lo and behold! I am now 6mos pregnant! :yes:
  8. I know everyone is different, but my early pregnancy, 1st trimester, symptoms were:

    1.) Extreme irritability (worse than pms....sad/angry for no reason)
    2.) Waking up in the middle of the night to pee (not normal for me)
    3.) Increased appetite
    4.) Wanting to take naps in the middle of the day, every day
    5.) Feeling like I want to puke, but not actually puking
    6.) Grossed out by the smell of coffee, which I normally like the smell of
    7.) Feeling loss of breath just from climbing one set of stairs
    8.) Tender bbs
    9.) Feeling bloated, more so than pms
    10.) Can't stand the smell or thought of eating meat, craving starchy carbs

    Some of these persisted throughout the pregnancy and others faded after the first trimester.
  9. My first recognizable symptom was when I barfed in my car.
    Nothing like a normal illness for me.. and it wasn't one of those where I felt like I was going to puke where you get the weird spit and you know it's going to happen.
    It came on so fast that I couldn't even get the door open or the window down...
    I think I threw up the next two mornings too... without any other symptoms and barely any warning.

    It's so funny how when we want to be pregnant all of those horrible signs can seem like hope! Hang in there!
  10. For really early pregnancy, it was unfortunately really hard to differentiate from PMS, at least for me. I was really *****y and emotional, had some intestinal issues, felt bloated, and just felt off. Nothing that was so obviously pregnant. I kept taking HPTs and had three negatives before I had a positive. I was relieved that I was pregnant, since it was better than being inexplicably a *****, which I was aware of, but unable to stop myself from doing...

    I didn't get morning sickness right away, which I believe is pretty common (at least based on my friends and what I've read) -- a lot of people don't till the hormone levels get a little higher, around 7-8 weeks or so.
  11. I just found out i'm 5 weeks and so far, i have no symptoms....i hope it stays this way!!!

  12. Haha. Hope, and hope some more!! Before I get my period, my breasts (got haha) sore, I felt tired, and had cravings for candy and chocolate. I had these symptoms at the VERY beginning of my pregnancy though, so who knows. The only thing you can do is wait. Let us know though!!
  13. I've heard cramping, needing to use the restroom alot.