what are your predicted price increases re: Feb. LV increase?

Dec 13, 2006
I am hoping to get a mono speedy 30 in March, naturally that is after the scheduled Feb. price increase, but my dh is 'strict' about me waiting a little after just getting a bag this Dec. I got the damier speedy 30. I know the speedy was spared during the last increase so I and a couple of other boardies suspect it is going to get hit. What would you guess the damage would be, how high if you had to predict the price? Do you recall what the greatest increase was the last time? I have a friend that got a Manhattan pm and I vaguely remember her mentioning it went up a bit and also some boardies on another board for some reason the popincourt comes to mind as another that had a large increase. I'd love to hear some price predictions!


Mar 2, 2006
Well I was amazed to see that the MC Speedy went up so much..it was around $1500 when I bought them soon after they came out and now they're $1910. That's 3 price increases later.
Anyway I'm thinking maybe 5-10%..hopefully not 20% again..that'd be kind of crazy IMO.


Dec 12, 2006
I went to LV earlier today to exchange something and it happened to be the manager that was taking care of the transaction. I said something about the price increase in Feb. and she was like "we just had a price increase in Nov. and I haven't heard anything about a price increase in Feb." How do you know prices are going up? or is this just a rumor because they tend to go up a few times a year or whatever?