What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

  1. Since there have been threads on V-day presents.. I thought I should start one on your plans for v-day :shame:

    So dear PFers.. what are your plans this wed? ;) Taking your new Chanel acquisitions out for a special night?

    Sad to say.. i don't have a plan :p So i would love to hear about your special day! :love:
  2. my new coral mini flap should be here just in time woooooo

    i have to do clinicals at the hospital and work all day so nothing romantic other than admiring my new bag
  3. :love::love: Its the one from personalshoppers right? I was watching that auction too! :p That bag is so pretty!
  4. We are going to Morton's steakhouse for a nice dinner sans baby!
  5. no plans .... DH probably has to work late - lots of overtime with this weather ....
    I DID buy myself a pretty gold bracelet and had it gift wrapped for him to give to me tho :p
  6. I am running a PTA meeting. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

    Except it's supposed to snow, so maybe I'll cancel it :sneaky:
  7. My DB and I usually go out for a romantic meal and to a club (we are young!), but now that we have a baby we will be staying in:sad: So once my son goes down for the night I will make him a romantic meal and see where the night takes us...:graucho:
    Hopefully I will have a gift from Chanel for all my hard work:yes:
  8. My DH is taking me to the Melting Pot for dinner, then we are spending the night away from the kids in a suite at a local hotel. In the morning we are seeing Hannibal Rising. I will be wearing my new Chanel Camelia earrings and my Beige (Blush) Patent Jumbo Flap. Its pretty much the perfect VD for me! LOL
  9. SO and I are going to a French restaurant I've been eyeing for a long time. I still don't have a gift for him!
  10. We are going out to dinner with the girls--sort of a tradition in our house to bring the girls out to a "fancy" dinner...so no romance for me!!
    I will be carrying my patent ritz!
    Happy Valentine's Day all!

  11. yesssssssss thank you ill put up some pics :heart:

    happy valentines day ladies!!

  12. :lol::lol: Thats cute!
  13. :p Oh that face after the sentence "see where the night takes us" cracked me up!! Sounds like its going to be a romantic night for both of you!! :shame:
  14. A nice dinner out with DH and a visit to the Nordstroms Chanel Trunk show!
    Can't wait, though to be honest I am pretty excited about the Trunk show.
  15. I bought gifts for the kids and for DH... nothing fancy, but just little "I LUB YOU" gifts for them to open at breakfast. Dh will probably work late and pick up the five year old from dance class at 7 p.m. We're expecting a blizzard over the next couple days... so it'll be a cozy night at home.