What Are Your Plans For Tonight?

  1. Is anyone else stuck in the house tonight? My current boytoy's whole family is in town so he's busy and everyone else seems to have disappeared on me.

    So it's a Blockbuster (and PF) night for me. What about you?
  2. Gotta work tonight.
  3. That's too bad. To make you feel better, I have to work for 3 hours tomorrow.
  4. ^^^Awww, it's ok about working tonight. I work at a very hip & elegant nightclub on the weekends, so working is really like socializing & having fun :biggrin:
  5. Tonight I'll be enjoying tPF as well as packing for my holiday up at my cabin! *sigh* Sun, sand, lake, and RELAXATION... here I come!
  6. TPF and moderating my other forum and doing laundry, cleaning and hooking up a wireless connection on my desktop. I wish I would sto and go see the Devil Wears Prada.
  7. Well I am going to be sitting here chatting with all you lovely people!! I am going to take myself to Starbucks in a bit, then it is back to the computer. I am still getting used to NYC- i love it!!!! But I am not going out alone tonight, that is for sure!! HAHA. I am jut so not a loner...

    So see you later on the forum??!

    Maybe we can talk Vlad into getting a plane ticket to come visit me!!!!!! That can be our goal for the night :amuse:
  8. ^^^Awww.....so sweet! Vlad, get ready for the pleas!!
  9. The DH went to Dallas to visit his parents and I am stuck here working my new job on Monday. So it's movie watching and relaxation for me. It is also baby sitting my husband's German Shepherd, but she is great so it isn't too bad! I needed some relaxation time.
  10. transamerica movie watching, work on report n talk to bf.. heheh
  11. Definitely a PF and stuffing my face with chocolate night :sad:
  12. I was out on my motorcycle all day. The weather was gorgeous. It's 9:20 p.m. and I'm whipped so I think I'm just going to chill here with you guys for awhile and then hit the sack. I'm riding again tomorrow.:P
  13. I just got home from a lovely (and painfully filling) dinner and drinks w/ my DH. Going out on our deck to have a nitecap and listen to tunes in a minute but had to post b/c I miss you guys on the w/e's when I'm busy w/ him! I'm so full, even my fat pants are tight!! That's why I'll never be a size 2 (or 4)...

    Megs - the city never sleeps honey! It is so great to be young (your age) and in NYC - it's totally fab! My old ass will have to live vicariously though you. You ever get lonely honey I'm only a 50 minute train ride and my hubby and kids are very cool (I assume you know I already am!) Your always welcome

    Abandoned images if I wasn't soooo full I would be eating chocolate too!
    Hugs to all!
  14. Trying to keep from melting and checking in every so often with 'youse guys'.
  15. I think I might finally get some rest after moving on Thursday. It's been nonstop :shocked: Unpacking, grocery shopping, setting up the house, visiting with family. I desperately need beauty sleep :shame: