What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. What are your plans for the weekend?

    Watch sports, drink apple martinis and and clean my apartment!
  2. Going to meet some friends for lunch at Mariposa (lobster club sandwhich) and shop at LV, Neimans, Prada, Chanel. Yippeeee!!!
  3. ^yum a lobster club sandwich sounds so good!!

    My plans are:

    watch TV
    go to the gym
    and most importantly...WATCH THE SOPRANOS TOMORROW NIGHT!!!
  4. Last night (Friday) my boyfriend and I went out for a nice dinner together, then met up with two of our (newlywed!) friends for a movie.

    Today I am taking it easy and relaxing at home with my dogs, watching tv, going online, reading, etc. Tonight I am getting together with my two best friends for dinner and blueberry martinis!

    Tomorrow (Sunday) we'll go to my parents' house for brunch, which we do every week. If it's nice out my boyfriend and I plan on going on a picnic. It's a good weekend!
  5. today i'm running some errands, hopefully some shopping with my mom. tonight, company dinner at roy's for a great month.

    sunday, BASEBALL and SOPRANOS.
  6. The usual, run round the supermarket start of month shop and weekly food rations. Be a domestic Goddess and clean my apartment, laundry etc. Write to friends in Iraq and Afgan catch up on personal admin. Get uniform and gym kit read for next week.

    Sit down watch a dvd have a takeaway and a few glasses of wine - but more importantly loiter on the Purse Forum!
  7. Saturday:

    Today was a pretty nice day for us! My mom works at the local US military base here, so I went with Julia and Nicole (she wanted to come see her "sister" lol today) and took them shopping for a bit (I still have my military ID until October) and also took them to one of the playgrounds that they have on base. Nicole had a blast at the playground and enjoyed the big slides that they have. It was a bit difficult for her with her cast, but she did fine :smile: I brought a blanket for Julia and I to sit on so Julia and I played for a little bit before she fell asleep. We also had lunch with my mom during her lunch break - which was nice :smile:

    I am finishing up this semester of school from home, so I get everything faxed & emailed to me and I need to fax or email it back. I need to catch up on some assignments that I have been slacking off on and turn them in. Just a relaxing day around the house with my favorite man and fave baby girl ;)
  8. run errands today and then go out bar hopping with the girls tonight...tommorrow i have to get ready for the new job i start next week, do laundry, relax
  9. Today I revised for my exams which start on Monday and I went out to a tapas bar for lunch which was yummy!

    Tomorrow I shall be revising all day for my exams god I hate maths!

  10. Hmmm, I've never had blueberry martinis...sounds yummy though! :yes:
  11. Today being Saturday I'm going in to work till 8...thats what all of my Saturdays consist of! :crybaby:

    As well as Sundays...my only "weekend day" off is Friday...me and my BF went cosmic bowling last night it was sooo much fun.

    But i guess that's what i get for working as a hairstylist in a mall...no weekend fun. :sad:
  12. Friday night: I mowed the back lawn. An acre+.
    Did laundry.

    Saturday: DH had to have his dad help him fix his car so I went along for the ride. OMG. My MIL drives me nuts. Took me to some weirdo store that sells crap for 100x over what its worth but because my evil SIL likes it my MIL does... AAAHHHHH!

    Sunday: Dropping of dry cat food at the shelter & they are also doing a can drive. I have a lot of can$$$$!!! Also have to go to the dump & probably keep working on the remodel of our house!
  13. Today Im in HILTON HEAD ISLAND at my parents visiting...of course..there is a tropical storm here..lol...freakin monsoon.
    I did however manage to hit the off saks and a fab boutique here..heehee.
    My little one is at home terrorizing her daddy so Id rather be here...lol...hope everyone has a great weekend!
  14. Recovering from a hangover today lol, but going to a spa with the bf tomorrow :yahoo:
  15. I have an ex-schoolmates dinner tonight and a coworker's bday party afterwards. Sunday I'll probably just tidy up the place and maybe go out for some coffee with a friend.
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