What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

  1. The kids and DH are off on Monday and we're going to be getting a new goldfish to replace the one that "went" on Wednesday; going to get the Halloween costumes before the sizes run out; looking for a larger TV; maybe shop for a Nintendo WII for the kids for X-mas; and shop for Fall clothes for my older son. That's my weekend so far, what about yours? :flowers:
  2. We don't have Monday off, so it's not much of a holiday weekend for us. Tonight we're going to happy hour for drinks and then to a family dinner. Saturday I'll just be home during the day while the boyfriend is at his camp helping his family, but then after that if it's nice out we'd like to go for a drive to look at the Fall colors. We also want to go out for dinner, since he's leaving again on Monday for work. Sunday we do a family brunch, watch football, etc.

    Nothing very exciting!
  3. Same here... actually, not many people I know seem to have the day off... I wish I did though!
  4. Your Columbus Day is my Thanksgiving.

    I'm going to my aunt's house tomorrow and I'm staying until Monday.

    If this year is anything like last year, the actual dinner is going to be on Sunday. The next day, my aunt will cook this huge brunch and that's all the cooking she does for the rest of the day.
  5. I saw that in my planner, and I was like, "wow, you guys are lucky, your Thanksgiving is closer than ours!" I LOVE Thanksgiving!

    So Happy Thanksgiving to you, Caitlin, and all others from Canada!
  6. I didn't even know this was a holiday weekend, lol!:shame:
  7. Well I went home to take care of my mom who got surgery on Thursday, did work at home and barely started on my homework... and tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping, doing a huge cleanup in my apartment and then studying.... hahah fun huh? :push: Still, I'm glad to have Monday off, means 6 hours of school less this week!!! :upsidedown:
  8. I was sitting here working on my lesson plan for tomorrow. I had the quiz made out and everything, and my BF asked from the next room over, "You all are still having class tomorrow?" Then it dawned on me that tomorrow is October 8--a holiday. If he hadn't mentioned it I would have showed up at the school tomorrow morning looking like Boo Boo the Fool. I checked my syllabus, and sure enough I'd put in my syllabus--in bold print no less--that as Monday, October 8 is a holiday, class will not meet.

    So I'll probably sleep late, then wake up and MAYBE exercise, then ass around, and before afternoon hits, try and get some work done. Or maybe go shopping or something. I'll have the house to myself, so I might just take it easy for a few hours...
  9. Thank you!
  10. We don't have Columbus Day off...I assume it isn't much of an important holiday...plus, I work in Sales/Marketing...which means we're greedy!!!
  11. I didn't even know it was a holiday. My job canceled for today so that might be why. ???