What are your plans for the day/weekend?

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  1. I have all weekend off! :yahoo:

    So far today, I've shredded 2 garbage bags full of papers, watched the Womens Final of the Pilot Pen Tennis Tourney, and gathered up all my loose change.

    I plan to watch the Mens Final later this afternoon (Blake vs. Fish.woohoo!), and the Giants game tonight.

    Ahhh, what a day. :nuts:

    No idea about tomorrow.

    How about you? What have you done/ plan to do today and tomorrow? :yes:
  2. DH 34th bday today, so we're on our way (on my pda cell phone right now) to Caesar's Atlantic City. Gotta a comp room, and I'm taking him shopping at the Pier. And Vuitton and Gucci are there too...maybe I'll get a 'lil sumthin' sumthin' for me too!
  3. To partie tomorrow and celebrate my birthday!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Woohoo!

    Happy Bday Rockst@rs DH and Viviana!

    Rockst@ar, you're such a good wife, you DESERVE a lil somthin'. Heehee!

    Viviana! What are you going to do?
  5. i have to work on this weekend :crybaby:
  6. Tommorrow is my birthday so I´ll be going to a restaurant that specializes in garlic with some friends and a movie.
  7. WOW! that's exactly what I would do on a day off! LOL.

    We're gonna watch the Niner game too! :heart:
  8. Come to some sort of general design agreement with myself and at least get started on an item of bling to inflict on a loved one when the Blessed Shopping Season rolls around.

    Tivoid and watch The Murder of Princess Diana (the Lifetime movie, not the event itself)

    Watch Trash TV and Lounge with Mr Puff (see above)

    Encourage Mr Puff to rest his eyes while watching ball throwing activity (currently and successfully in progress)

    Help my fellow tPFers understand just what is meant by the term "Brevity Impaired," in case there are any left who have not learned all about it from my frequent demonstrations.
  9. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Viviana and Nola! Enjoy your weekend fabgrabs!
  10. Friday- Got out of work early... then went to the movies with my SO to watch ''Superbad''...then we went to Target to buy some random stuff.

    Today-Watched the Arsenal vs. Manchester City soccer game (on tv)...going out for dinner somewhere this evening with my SO.

    Sunday-Spending the day with my sister and niece and nephew at her house.
  11. Running errands today.....nothing special.

    Church tomorrow and getting my nails done.

  12. LOL. We're getting ready to move, so I want to throw away as much junk as possible. Besides shredding, I've gone through 2 huge boxes of old memories...time to let some of them go. :yes:

    Seahorse...I'm sorry you have to work! Just think of it as purse money. :greengrin:

    Nola...Happy Birthday! Which movie are you going to see?

    Shimma, I'd love to see that piece of bling before you inflict it. :yes: I, myself, am often unable to adhere to brevity, but I' m working on it. :s:angel::beach:

    Sweatpea..how was Superbad?

    Anne..sounds like a nice weekend to me!

    Time to get back to the old memories, while watching tennis. :lol:
  13. catching up on tpf!!
  14. Superbad was funny! Vulgar...but funny.
  15. Oh man, Superbad was HILARIOUS. Definatly reminded me of my little brother who is about that age.

    I'm actually on vacation in San Francisco/Berkeley (from NY state!) right now until wednesday :smile: Got in on Thursday. Been doing things non-stop so far! Today we went to the big farmers market at the ferry building, saw the dahlia's blooming by the conservatory, and just tooled around. Tomorrow I think we are going to Muir woods to check out the redwoods. Just goin with the flow and enjoying every moment in my favorite city!