What are your PHOBIAS?

  1. I have 3 phobias that somewhat interfear with my life..

    -Heights, pretty typical but I get kind of woosy just standing on a chair. walking down steps sometimes I have to hold onto the hand rail. Ironically rollercoasters, riding horses and flying dont bother me. Looking down from a high building (if im not behind a closed window) makes me nearly pass out.

    -TORNADOS and bad storms. I grew up in Maryland, not exactly tornado alley but we have had a few. One destroyed a wing on my old highschool, one was a few miles away at night but we could hear it (my mom was actually at a friends house in that town and they went to the basement), and the worst experience was at my old riding barn, I just finished working with a horse and was washing him down in the barn. I was a little nervous because of the clouds but tried not to think too much over it. A another girl was in the arena working with her horse and there is a radio that plays in there and she comes BOLTING on her horse up the hill and I knew something was wrong since we are not allowed to gallop horses to the barn (creates a bad habit) and she runs out and throws her $2000 saddle on the ground and says we had a tornado warning and there is a funnel cloud and we had to get all the horses out of the barn now (its apparently safer for them to be outside) so I ran my horse out to the field and sure enough, a disgusting black funnel is hanging there. I helped get the rest of the horses out and it started hailing and then the wind picked up and I started to hyperventilate and nearly fainted. We ran to the nearest house to the barn which is the owners and she wasnt home so we went into the tackroom since its the only area in the barn thats not open. This barn was wooden so we can FEEL the barn lifting. I honestly thought I was going to die. The phobia started long before any of this, I was baby sat by my overparanoid grandmother who made it go into the storm celler when it thundered. I am paranoid to the point I dread summer nights and I freak out when I see threatening clouds. I have nightmares about tornado encounters all the time and for as long as I remember. The funny thing is I love to watch documentaries about tornados.

    -My most pathetic phobia is LATEX BALLOONS. Seeing one makes me sick to my stomach. I have to leave the room if people are playing with them. I refuse to touch them, I have gotten to the point I can be around them eventhough i dont like it. When people find out I hate them will start squeezing them and chansing me with them and let them fly around the room :crybaby:

    So I want to hear what some of you are afraid of. Play nice everyone.
  2. I have a major fear of knives...good thing I don't cook much
  3. Frogs, ahhh, ick
  4. im a bit clostrophobic and afraid of the dark
  5. i am soooooooo afraid of heights like i feel like im going to die and pass out and have a panic attack

    people touching my hands, i dont like hand-on-hand action, lol,i know its wierd, like in something about mary when he tries to touch her brothers ears, i get freaked out, i will go out of my way so my hands dont touch someone elses

    change, i hate pennies and change but mostly pennies they smell

  6. fire
    deep water
  7. Lightning and Rollercoasters - eek!

    Seriously paranoid about the first.
  8. Spiders
  9. Flying :sad:

    Bain of my life. There are so many things I want to see, and places I want to visit, but fear completely takes over for me and makes the journey seem so not worthwhile.

    Just thinking about aeroplanes makes my palms wet, ewwww!!! :biggrin:
  10. oh what are the chances! the fear of flying avatar just came up under my post lol :biggrin:
  11. Feet!!

    And Bees....they are evil!
  12. I have terrible social phobia. I hate being in a noisy crowded room and feeling that I can't get out.

    Although I also hate quiet rooms with people in too!

    I constantly feel like people are judging everything I do or say and get totally self conscious :rolleyes:
  13. Rollercoasters
    Wide open spaces on freeway ramps
  14. Phobias can be debilitating...

    I saw a segment on Montel Williams, where there was a woman who had a balloon phobia. She could not leave her house for fear she would run into someone with a balloon. They kept trying to get her to get up close to a balloon. She screamed and screamed and ran thru the studio, it was awful what they put her through on that show. You could tell she was utterly terrified. And the audience was laughing, so cruel!!!!! :tdown:

    I have a driving phobia - the phobia overrides what is supposed to be a good experience. Even a short drive renders me trembling with palpitations most times. I could never understand why I can do so many things in my life, but cannot conquer the fear of driving. :crybaby:
  15. Mice and rats!! I've had a few bad experiences with them.. but they gross me out and make me scream like a little girl..:yucky: yuckkkkkkkk.