What are your pets wearing for Halloween?

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  1. We're doing a bug theme this year! My fur babies will be a bumblebee, a ladybug, and a butterfly. What is everyone else doing for pet costumes? Or am I the only crazy dog lady dressing up her dogs for Halloween? :biggrin:
  2. I have a black cat, so he's already Halloween-themed :lol:

    I can see myself getting clawed to shreds if I tried to put a costume on him.
  3. Aww, he's adorable! I guess I would skip the costumes for cats - I tried to put a hat on one of mine once and it didn't go so well. :nogood:
  4. NO costumes here!
  5. lol same here! With Spots though I would love to dress her up as a cupcake but there is no way she's going to let me do that lol. I want a cupcake kitty!
  6. My cats and dogs would probably kill me in my sleep if I'd try and dress them up. NO costumes here either.
  7. Yes... DD definitely dressing Pepper up, dunno what yet though (probably hooman themed) & DD is going as a cat this year (what irony).
    ^^^ Pepper's "Cheshire Cat Grin".
    (Her nose got spider web since she like s to eat them)
  8. They are gonna be wearing invisible costumes.
  9. ^^^hehehehhhh.... Good one!
    Its called the "emperor's new clothes".
  10. Fur.
  11. This didn't go over so well.

    Attached Files:

  12. Awwwwwww!!!
    Thats just soooo cute!!!:heart:
  13. He he! Thanks, I could not get her to stand still so I could get a decent picture.
  14. I recognize that look....

    PREPARE TO DIE! :smile:
  15. I'm having a costume custom made for Isabella. Etsy has some adorable costumes custom made to fit your pet!:biggrin: She will be a flowering ballerina. :tender:

    Here is a recent photo of her.

    I will post pictures of her in her costume when it arrives (about two weeks).;):graucho:
    I tried to post photos of the costume but couldn't get them to paste here.