What are your pets doing right now?

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  1. They're currently both on top of kitchen cabinets singing. :heart:
    (they're budgies)
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  2. Holding paws

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  3. aww
    I've never had cats who were bonded
  4. They are buddies. This is what our calico does when she wants attention. Poor Oliver is oblivious.

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  5. ha :smile:
  6. Beside me - Holding her new hemp ball
  7. How cute is this? :biggrin:
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  8. Super hot in Southern California right now (mid to high 90's!) so I put a cold compress on Noodle's head :lol: Guess she stuck her tongue out on me to show how she felt :roflmfao:

    IMG_0239.jpeg IMG_0233.jpeg
  9. Less than 24 hours after assembling the Halloween house the roof is ripped off lol. 20191030_232748.jpg
  10. Look at that cute (not guilty) expression :lol:
  11. Happy Halloween PF!

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  13. Enjoying sweater weather ❤️
  14. Teehee, so cute! I've never put clothes on my doggie. I don't know if she would let it stay on. Maybe I'll try :lol:

    kbell, is your cutie a rottweiler?
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  15. She is mostly Rottie :smile: I’m going to do the dog dna testing for Christmas. We’re so curious. I think my girl likes the sweaters lol. She’s so patient with us putting them on & getting them off. I just love her!