What are your pets doing right now?

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  1. My pup is perched on the back of the sofa barking at some dudes walking below on the sidewalk...to no avail, because he is so little and fluffy everyone just looks up and laughs.

    As I type he has since moved on to investigate the can of seltzer water on the coffee table. (Nothing gets past him!)
  2. Now THIS I must investigate!! :graucho:

    Peanut butter is Mico's #2 fave food of all time, right after watermelon.
  3. My cat is currently sleeping on the suitcase that my husband brought home on friday.
  4. My cat is meowing at me to pet him..he's so freaking spoiled..
  5. All 3 cats are asleep somewhere... on a couch or bed I'm sure!
  6. Had to search the entire house to find Shia (cat). He's on his back in the middle of my bed fast asleep. Muse (rabbit) is underneath my daughter's bed while she's on her laptop. He comes out every now and then for head-scratches and kisses.
  7. My cat is sunbaking near the glass sliding door. It heats up nice and toasty for her there. It's brrrr freezing in Melbourne.
  8. One of the cats is hiding from me because I have to give him pills and liquid medicine every day; I make DH do it when he ishome, but he is gone for the week. The cat really does hate me, I can't blame him. He may need this fr the rest of his life. Oh well, at least he loves my husband
  9. LOL, cute thread!

    My dog is snuggled on his cushion and he's actually licking the cushion while he's lying down. He does this all the time.
  10. reggie is lying down on the floor pressed against the sofa (he only sleeps where he can have something to lean his back against). so innocent when he sleeps...such a monster when he's awake.
  11. My super pup is sitting next to me on the couch, making his favorite toy squeak...incessantly.

    It's his way of saying: "Play with me. NOW." :lol:
  12. Laying right next to me asleep on my computer table. He's totally blocking my ability to type with my left hand so I have to type with my right hand only as I DARE not disturb His Majesty :amuse:.
  13. my yorkie is sitting next to me on the couch. in and out of sleeping.
  14. I can hear my cat eating (his name tag keeps hitting the bowl) :P
  15. My dog licks pillows! Why do they do that???

    Dusty is at my feet, freaked out by a very loud thunderstorm.