What are your pets doing right now?

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  1. omgsh, that IS the cutest thing ever!!
  2. my 1yr old boston is trying to get my attention by placing is toys on my lap!
  3. Omg, Karra! What a darling photo!!
  4. My dog is currently sleeping on my foot, and snoring VERY loudly :lol:
  5. My dog is sleeping downstairs by the front door, which is pretty much where he's been all day, though I'm glad he's not going outside because it's raining.
  6. Both my beagles are sprawled out on the furniture (one on the couch, one on the recliner) sound asleep. One is snoring.
  7. My cat is currently on my lap purring...
  8. Dusty is begging for fries. Sigh. So is the boy cat.
  9. Sleeping next to me on the couch. I was gone on business travel for 3 days and DH was here with them. However, Millie much prefers me, so when I came home last night I thought she was going to cry...she was making all these happy noises and putting her paws around my neck. I miss the dogs more than I miss DH when I travel.
  10. Sleeping on his favorite chair. Doggie daycare is hard work!
  11. napping.....
  12. sleeping :smile:
  13. Mine is currently stalking me from the hallway...will see who wins this battle.
  14. My kitty is sitting by the window in the sunroom, enjoying the view and fresh air.