What are your pets doing right now?

  1. "Flat dogs" everywhere, I like to say. Sleeping as dogs are wont to do for many hours a day, the older more than the younger. Some soaking up the sun outside, some in the house in their comfy beds. Unfortunately I am suffering from flat dog choking toxic gas right now...
  2. Barking at his worst enemy - the UPS man!
  3. "Flat dog" is a cute image :smile: My dog is flat as we speak, doing his throw-rug impersonation since he's so fluffy.

    LOL at toxic gas...he must be VERY relaxed!

    My kitties are...no surprise here...sleeping! One is on my notes again!
  4. -Our cats like to sleep where the warm air comes out of the computer; or they may be now walking on the computer keyboard, causing DH's character to be killed in World of Warcraft <evil Laugh> - he is addicted to that da&n thing.
  5. reggie is lying down in front of the couch. he's always lying down if no one is giving him attention. lazy pooch!
  6. aww this is cute! my little pup was sitting the on couch w/ me playing with his little luau girl squeaky toy (one of those loooong dog loofah toys) but when i started typing he got the idea that i was no longer paying attention and just tried to lick my juice right out of the glass!
  7. Lola is chewing on a bone and ChiChi is sitting on my bed staring at me.
  8. sleepy at the corner of the room... behind my floor lamp! hehe
  9. Harley is on my lap growling at the kids walking outside.
    Chip is in his snuggle ball.
    Zippy is on his orthopedic bed.
    Graycie is sitting on her food table looking out the window, or on my bed.
  10. On her back begging for a rubbing!
  11. My dog is lying down around my feet. He's always within a two feet distance from me.
  12. My cat is playing with his toy shoe lace.
  13. Cuddling!! Cutest thing ever!

  14. ^ KA, that is toooo cute!

    Roxy, our big black mutt, is laying down and staring out the sliding door.
    Gyles, our shiba, is curled up in a ball on the couch. He's awake, looking out the sliding door too. (there is a little grassy area back there and people walk their dogs there often)
    Now Roxy is whining because a dog appeared. lol
  15. My chihuahuas, Chiquita and Keke, just had a bath and are snugglling in their bed.