What Are Your Other Obessions?

  1. We obvious all :heart: Coach. But I was sitting here wondering what other :heart:/obessions everyone has. I will go first.

    Mine are:

    :kiss:Lipgloss (especially victoria secrets new stuff that smells and taste good, i dont eat it but if i lick my lips it does taste good).

    Shoes- I love shoes. Doesnt matter price (whatever looks cute).

    Books-I have read sooo many I cant even count and own alot (dont want to say how many cause then I will give away how big of a nerd I am). :greengrin:
  2. It's a thread on this already.....hold on....let me find it...
  3. My other obsessions:

    Designer purses: Tokidoki

    Books: I love mystery, horror, supernatural. I'm a total bookworm, when I am not on tPF!

    Electronics: Gadgets geek me out too. Like the upcoming iPhone.:drool:

    Video Games: Love my Nintendo DS and Wii:p
  4. spoiledrotten - JINX!!! :p
  5. I thought there was but could not find it. thank you.