What are your opinions on the Popincourt Haut and Popincourt?

  1. Both look nice to me, but don't seem to be that popular. What do you think of both these bags?
  2. the Popincourt Haut is a shoulder bag, and is more for casual, everyday use. i have it and it's a great bag!

    the Popincourt is handheld, and it's much smaller and seems only fit as an evening bag or more formal occasions.

    here's me with my Popincourt Haut:
    popincourt haut 001.jpg popincourt haut 002.jpg
  3. PH is soo pretty! I love the balls :shame:
  4. I personally don't like the little dangle balls off the zipper but that's just me.
    But I don't see either around as much which is nice. If you were considering one though, I'd go with the PH.
  5. i have the popincourt and i LOOOVE it. it looks small but since it has a triangular shape it fits ALOT more than it looks like it could. i can put in my LV porte tresor wallet, cellphone, keys, compact, perfume etc. and still have a bit of room left over.
  6. I love my PH, especially as I don't think I've ever seen another one where I live. It's a great size - not too big, not too small and I love the little golden balls.
  7. I have the PH and love it. Never looked at the regular Popincourt...

    When I got mine, I was hoping I had a bag that nobody else did. When I go to a city, I rarely see it, but I know a lot of PFers have the PH!
  8. I agree, you don't see too many of them around which is nice. I like both of them, depends on whether you want a shoulder bag or not.
  9. Popincourt is cute but seems too much like a "bar" to me... I find the length is really too long. I prefer the Popincourt Haut more cuz you can carry around more stuff in it:biggrin:
  10. Yeah That!! I agree. :yes:
  11. I LOVE MY POPINCOURT. I like horizontally longer bags...makes me look more elegant for some reason..most of my bags are like this..PLUS I LOVE HANDHELD!! and i can fit a lot in my popincourt...plus..they dont go outta shape! no sagging at all!
  12. I just recently got my popincourt and while I find it incredibly cute and different(I don't see it a lot around here), I haven't really used it very much. It's not too practical. The PH seems like it would be a lot more useful as an every day bag.
  13. They're both very cute but if I were to get one, I'd go with the Haut cause I can use a shoulder bag more.
  14. I just got my haut yesterday and it fits a lot of stuff. It's really comfortable too!
  15. No love for the Popincort! I'm in shock!

    I admit I'm biased since it was my first piece.

    While I consider the Popincort a goes-with-skirt item I definitely don't wear it only evenings or such. Personally I think it is very body pleasing because the wide length of the bag flatters the figure.

    I thought the PH was pretty small when I saw it in person, but a really cute bag. Although I'm amazed how much some PHers can fit into theirs.