What are your opinions on the modern chain flap?

  1. It's a decent size, isn't it? What do you think of the look of the flap with the modern chain or should I still with the classics?
  2. Do you have a picture?

    I really like the modern chain tote.
  3. i think the modern chain flap is nice. it's great for more casual outfits imo. =)
  4. I agree, it's pretty casual. I don't have a picture because this season's is different in texture. Some people have pics in the reference library which are similar.
  5. I love it but have decided that any bag I pay full price for has got to be from a classic ligne, it's just a thing I have......That's what always attracted me to LV in the past, I'm willing to pay full price for the styles that stand the test of time and that you don't see on clearance.
  6. I love it! It also holds a bit more than a medium classic because it doesn't have the double flap and the leather is softer.
  7. I only saw last years', is there a new size?
    My opinion frm last years' is it's adorable, sexy and tiny.
  8. I don't know if the size is the same as last years. But the texture is regular caviar, not the distressed leather.
  9. what colors do they come in other than black and brown?
  10. My NM ordered also ordered a dark grey (so I'm assuming most NM's also did)... but I have no idea is it's actually grey, or the pocket ligne "grey" which is actually brown haha.
  11. Btw, spylove22, I LOVE this flap... it's so cute, and edgy... the perfect casual flap!!
  12. its really cute, i wanted one ever since it first came out. i've been to Saks a few times just to drool over it.
  13. I LOVE the modern chain flap-I'm supposed to get it in two weeks at the Saks EGC event!
  14. i have the black modern chain flap and it's very cool looking-it's tough and sexy at the same time! if anyone gets it in grey could you pls post a picture? i'd love to get a grey bag!
  15. I had my hands on the grey and brown for this fall, it seems the same as last year size wise and the leather is kinda waxy and distressed caviar, it's the kind of leather that shows scratched with your finger nails easily but then they are also easy rub out, kinda reminds me of the outdoor ligne (I think that's what it was). I LOVE the grey but again have a hard time straying away from the classics.......