What are your opinions on Purse Dangles?

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  1. One of my girlfriends has a rather large Juicy Couture collection and always can be seen with a Juicy purse. I think they're cut but I can't help but giggle every time she walks because her purses tend to "jingle" evertime she takes a step. At least it makes it easier to locater her if we get separated; just follow the sound of the dangles.
  2. ^^I have some Juicy bags myself that have dangles- but fortuneately none of them make much noise. :P I like extra "goodies" on my bags but subtle- not too much.
    I was giggling too when you mentioned her jingling making it "easier to locate her"...LOL! I was picturing that and yes, it's funny and cute!
  3. I like them, I usually make my own.

  4. :lol:

    I love purse dangles (or bag charms, as we call them here) - maybe not quite to the extent that I jingle, though! :biggrin:
  5. Oh, gee.....I don't like a bunch of doodaahs hanging off my purses because of all the clanky noises going on. It reminds me of one of those one-man bands at a sideshow and I don't want to sound like one as I walk by.
  6. I don't like noisemakers or dangly things
  7. I don't mind a charm, but jingling when I walk is too much! I even dislike it if I have hangtags that click or bump the hardware. No bag noises!
  8. One charm at a time is cute! More than one reminds me of elementary school when the goal was to have as many keychains hooked together at one time. :smile:
  9. i prefer to pass them up. they are distracting. why spend all that money on a beautiful purse only for the charm to be noisy and/or the center of attention? subtley is best if you are going for classic fashion....charms seem to be more of a fad to me.
  10. I think some charms are really cute. . . but I like contrast so I don't like them on cutesy bags, like Juicy. I like them to lighten up the mood of an otherwise more serious bag.

  11. Exactly. I have a little sparkly red strawberry charm I put on my damier speedy sometimes.
  12. I like purse "bling". My Coach hamptons carryall jingles a little from the gold carriage charm, but it doesn't bother me. I really like the look of charms or hangtags on bags.