What are your opinions of the lilac '06 color?

  1. I have seen the lilac '06 up close and I think it's really pretty. What are your opinions of this color? I am really tempted to get something in that color before it goes away. Ack. You ladies were right. This is baaaaad. :shocked:
  2. i'm not really into the light colours (ha - even though ive got a white) i say... if you really really love the lilac then get it! because the thing is that it might never come back in the b-bag range... good luck on what you decide!
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I FEEL YOUR PAIN:shame:
    It is SOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry:
  4. I personally like the 04' Lilac better but seeing as it is going to be hard to get an 04', I would go with the 06'. It just is a really beautiful color.
  5. I think it's a great color for summer!
  6. I love the lilac its really pretty. I had it in my hand and opted for the white instead and then ended up returning the white. By the time I went back to Neimans all the firsts were gone like the wind. My fav color is purple and I would have just loved to rock a lilac bbag with my purple YSL's or Manolos...sigh!!!
  7. I think it is a beautiful color, so go for it! If it turns out that it is not the color for you, selling it won't be a problem.
  8. I say if you like it then go for it because it may not be around later since balenciaga doesn't repeat their colors.
  9. I love it! It’s such a pretty soft/dusty color. I had a hard time choosing between lilac and ink for my twiggy purchase, but finally opted for ink because it’s more versatile for me...I’d love to get a small accessory though- coin purse or make-up clutch- in lilac to add to my little purple collection :love:
  10. I saw a picture of the Lilac Twiggy, and it was soooo pretty. If I could find a great deal, I would snag one in a second!
  11. Love the lilac too, it's great for summer and looks fantastic with brown
    in the fall!
  12. I am like a bad alcoholic, who likes any booze. I like any color B-bag. I'm in bad shape.
  13. irish, im with ya! even the colors that dont initially appeal to me, i end up wanting!!!!!!!that is the "balified" process.
  14. Hey Roo,

    I snatched up a Lilac City when Shirise had a sale for Mother's Day. It was my first BBag and I am totally not familiar with how Balenciaga changes colors each year and I can't tell the difference between the years. Anyway, I had been eying the lilac for a while and debated whether I should get the lilac or a richer and brighter color. I finally decided for the City I wanted the lilac. Here are some pictures of my lilac from Shirise. I love it.


    It's different from the 04 lilac which is TDF, and you may not like the 'new leather' but given that this is my first BBag I don't really care.

    BBags are addictive!
  15. I got a lilac box in March and I've been really happy with it! Helps that I love to wear purple with EVERYTHING, lol, since it is totoally my favorite color. I say go for it!