What are your opinions about this bag?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Quite interesting, looks like it is wearing a blouse with 2 pockets!
  3. lol.. i absolutely agree with babevivtan!
  4. So no one likey likey? Actually it's known as "Jacket Bag" in Asia.
  5. Hummm...... interesting, but not my taste.
  6. I like it! Cute.
  7. Well, the colors are beautiful and it is a nice bag with a twist. That's all I have to say about it :biggrin:
  8. I don't like the colors together at all.
  9. I would save my money for another bag.
  10. ITA! LOL! i don't like it. i know it's a matter of personal preferences, i wonder why they came up with such a design like that. i can't help but laugh at how ridiculous and silly that looks!
  11. errrrr...... lol.
  12. It's def a quirky bag. Not my style, but I could see someone rockin' it. I would just want to place my head on top of it though, lol.
  13. This bag is currently going for something around $900 at a place similar to eBay in Korea right now. My first reaction upon seeing it was :push: wondering if this is even authentic. But apparently, it's known as this famous person's bag over there, so it must be the real thing. (That girl is known as the biggest Chanel fanatic over there.)

    I'm sure most of you already caught it, but there are two outside pockets around the collar as well. :roflmfao:
  14. whew! you had me there for a while. i was meaning to ask if you were actually considering buying this due to the state of your current addiction. :lol::push:
  15. ^ Well, I have to admit I "considered" it. :busted Not for moi, though. I thought my sis would love it. She likes all kinds of crazy strange things and call them "collector's item."