What Are Your Next Purchases (Big & Small)?

  1. Just curious to see what everyone has planned for the next couple months.

    As you know...I'm losing the love...but I have a little extra cash after buying all my Bbags!

    So...I *might* get the sweet flowers bandeau...I'd LOVE the new etoilie necklace thing (or whatever it is called LOL)...as for a bag...I'm clueless! I thought maybe the Cabby in black...but I'm having trouble justifying $1500 for denim. We'll see!
  2. I can't believe I'm saying this but hold on to the money for a while and wait till something jumps at you that you just can't live with out. Now that you have cleaned out your closet only buy things you absolutely love.
  3. I forgot to add that at moment I'm not wanting anything. I just got my Pochette wallet last week and I'm loving my small collection. Though once the new stuff comes out in the fall who knows.
  4. I'm not getting anything in the next few months :sad: I just got my 'new' LV toys, my papillon 30 in July and my mono snapped billfold just yesterday, so I can't complain. I wish it were spring already again so I could go for the azur speedy 30, that's next. I'm laying low until then so I'll have to enjoy what I have and live vicariously through everyone else's new buys. I only want one other bag after that (red epi speedy 30) after that.

    I think that's good advice from dcooney4, I'd set the left over money aside for the next big purchase. But then again I have no appreciation for LV accessories like scarves and jewelry also, it's just not my thing, I'm into the bags pretty much only! In fact I waited until I had 4 bags to finally go for a wallet which I bought used bec. I didn't have it in me to pay retail(470 ouch, I paid 215!!!!) until I'm swimming in $ if/when that day should ever arrive, lol. Oddly enough I have an appreciation for Hermes scarves and Jewelry though, love the h-bracelet and hope to get one one day, and other bangles they have are so gorgeous. I also love their scarves, they are like art. There's just something more classic to their scarves and jewelry and I'm a sucker for the classic timeless things in life. But I'd still rather get another LV bag than put money here and there in Hermes accessories.

    I'm so happy for you btw that you are in love with your bags once again and don't feel frustrated by your collection. I think it's great!!
  5. A wallet by November or December - for either my birthday or christmas. I still can't decide what line, but I know it has to be the Zippy.
  6. Hopefully I'll be able to get- Blue Inclusion Key Ring (this weekend), Pochette Wallet (within the next month) and either a Nimbus PM or the Mini Lin Crossant (sp?) Speedy (when they are released).
  7. honestly right now I don't know I like a lot new bandeau's and scarfs but haven't seen a lot of them so I don't know cute they are IRL
  8. At the end of september whe will go to our holyday house in France, and I'll visit the LV store how every times when whe are there. If I'll buy something isn't shure, but I'll have a look at:
    Hampstead PM
    Hampstead MM
    I like it very much to buy something in my holydays, and every year normally I buy a new bag there in France. How knows - maybe I like one of these bags so much that I MUST have it.:p
  9. I'd like to have something from the new blue inclusion line next. The black MC wapity is definitely on my wishlist.
  10. Next, I think I want the Initials belt (inspired by vuittonamour!) and then a neverfull MM or antigua cabas MM - a larger bag I can use for carrying papers for grad school.
  11. I think I'm going to get the Stephen Sprouse brown shawl and just received the suhali black zippy wallet-Im done til I see the next epi color come out. I love epi..
  12. multicolor speedy!
    but that is going to take a long time! I just started saving up and i allready have about 18 euros haha! Just about 1382 to go!!!
  13. Probably a petite noe which I have to wait till next year. No more bags for now =(
  14. No purchases in my future :sad:!
  15. I want to get another LV bag before Christmas but I am having trouble deciding between a few such as do I get the neverful MM or the BH?? :shrugs: