What are your mobile phones?

  1. Hi guys! I just want to know what models are your mobile phones?

    I currently have a Pink LG chocolate KG800 (i think the name.. the one sliding..) but it was broken yesterday. :crybaby:
  2. I have an LG enV
  3. I have a blue Motorala RZR.:smile:
  4. Pink Razr {or whatever!}
  5. Pink Razr :yucky: LOL!
  6. Just got the LG Chocolate Cherry!!
  7. Sony Ericsson W850i

  8. That's what I have too...I wish I would have held out for the Strawberry tho....I love pink....:sad: Oh well, it's an awesome phone tho.
  9. An ugly Sony Ericsson flip phone type thing! haha
  10. i have the Samsung A900/Blade - i LOVE it, imo Samsung phones are the best. the controls are very intuitive and i've had no technical difficulties in the 6 months that i've had it. i had samsung phones for two years before this one, and also nothing but glowing reviews to those.

    i tried out the razr and amanda no likie...the controls seemed really odd to me.
  11. Motorola Q
  12. silver Rarz
    ew. I hate my phone.
  13. black motorola rzr...but I dropped it in the sink, so it won't hold a charge for more than 12 hours...so now I have a silver rzr too (I just feel like if you get a cell phone, you should have one that you can trust overnite.)

    Aside from me stupidly dropping the rzr in the water, I've loved it!
  14. I have a Treo 650.
  15. I have the Samsung Plum... I love it!