What are your life goals?

  1. Maybe I'm reflecting a bit more lately (I just turned 30 over the weekend:p) and am compiling a list of things I would like to do...and would love to see what other people are doing too...I need some more inspiration!

    Some goals on my list:
    1. Learn another language fluently (Mandarin)
    2. Travel to all seven continents
    3. Travel to all 50 states
    4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle (I guess I will have to start going to the gym then:rolleyes:)
  2. Mine would be:

    1. Get in shape! Tone up, and lose a few pounds. I've started toward this goal.
    2. Be more successful in my entrepreneurial endeavors.
    3. Get my PhD. I need to start this soon, as it will take four to seven years! Agh!
    4. Travel abroad.

    I have a lot more here:


    I also have a lot that I haven't listed at 43 things or in this post.

    One of my goals was to get a masters degree by the time I turned 30. Goal met! I got it at 29!
  3. Hmmm....I never had high aspirations.:lol:

    Mine are (not in order of importance):
    1. obtain a MS (done)
    2. have a career that I can be proud of (8 yrs now, so far so good!)
    3. have a happy lifelong marriage (6 yrs now, so far, so good!)
    4. have a family (starting to make plans for this)
    5. get a boat by age 35 (not yet, but I have 2 years to go)
    6. have a vacation house by age 40 (not yet)
    7. Learn to run (in progress)

    That's all I can think of right now, BUT you got me thinking that I need some more. LOL. I should challenge myself :yes:
  4. Hmmm, I mainly just want to be happy and healthy. But the one actual goal that I have is to buy a Porsche Carerra.
  5. i want to be married, stay married, have kids, and be decently well off!
  6. Mine are...

    Having our family be everything it can be, filled with love

    To become a teacher

    To be well off enough to pursue my passions in life

    To go to school for as long as I can

    To own my own home
  7. Mine are:

    -To get my phd in psychology and open my own clinic (or at the least just "be" a psychologist)
    -Use my spare time and money to be a social activist (possibilities are endless here)
    -Get a grip on my emotions and learn how to handle them
    -take care of all my physical health problems and be healthy
    -Write a book or as many as I can
    -Love and Live!

    No for real, I realize it sounds like bs but I can't think of anything else! Oh ok I just thought of one..I'd like to own a nice house and car:graucho:
  8. 1st: have a successful/satisfying career,
    2nd: a new, stable, long-term relationship,
    3rd: live comfortably,
    4th: stay healthy.
  9. 1. Take my drivers licens.
    2. Get a good education.
    3. Get married to my fiancé.
    4. Finish my book.
    5. Kids.
    6. Become and stay healthy.
    7. Get a house, car, dog(cat in this case) and all the Svensson stuff!
    8. Get rich? (wishful thinking) :p
  10. get a kick-a33 vacation home by age 40
    keep my kids going strong mentally and physically
    get back in those skinny jeans (the ones in the VERY BACK of the closet)

    now, i noticed it said LIFE goals...right now I just thinking for the next 5 years
  11. I love this thread!!

    OK, im young (19) so my goals are big!

    1: Most important thing, pass my 2nd year of my dentistry degree, NO re-sits. Ultimate goal ~ Get my degree, another 3 years to go after this year 2011.

    2: Get married to by baby, been together for 4 years atm, hopefully in 2013.

    3: Become a partner in a surgery 2015.

    4: Get on the property ladder ( probably after I ahve finished Uni).

    Pretty much at the moment by goals for the near future is just to get through the hardest degree in the world, then after that I should be doing ok with everything else!!
  12. 1. Be healthy (eat out healthy, exercise regularly) etc.

    2. Become a multi-millionaire and retire young

    That's it. No kids for me.
  13. Some goals on my list:
    1. be a mother
    2. must go to Paris and NY atleast once
    3. get toned again
    4. take it easier on myself
  14. My Goals:
    1. Lose weight & get toned
    2. Get a Master's in Finance
    3. Become & stay healthy
    4. Own my own home
  15. 1. law school (next year) and get masters at the same time
    2. buy a home [although i like living at home]
    3. Find that special someone and settle down