What are your kids' odd quirks?

  1. Every kid has his or her "thing." My kids' quirky-cute issues are:

    4yo DS:
    * Freaked out by loud, jarring sounds, i.e. fire engine sirens, vacuum cleaners, even the buzzing of the clippers at the barber shop.
    * Freaked out by flushing noises in public bathrooms and planes. Always makes me promise to let him leave the room before flushing.
    * When walking away from his toy cars, always leaves them laying upside-down on the floor because he doesn't like it when dog hair gets on the tires. :rolleyes:
    * Hates ALL food that isn't cheese pizza, blueberry bagels with cream cheese, pears, bananas, cheerios, corn dogs, Yobaby yogurt, cheese sandwiches, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, or PB&J sandwiches

    2 1/2yo DD:
    * Refuses to interact with her daddy when mom is around because she prefers mom so much more
    * Tolerates band-aids on her hands but NOT anywhere else on her body
    * Will happily sit on the potty for 20 minutes straight, but refuses to make #1 or #2 in it.
    * Needs to hear me say, "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" every evening at bedtime or she freaks out.
    * Actually LIKES the taste of some medicines, i.e. Claritin syrup

    There are dozens more but I don't want to bore anyone! What are your kids' quirks??
  2. My 2 1/2 year old son is all boy and a big daredevil...but he hates, hates, hates bugs! Today we were at the lake and he was looking at some kind of a flying bug that had landed on the picnic table...he was fine until it flew off and then he covered his ears (so the bug wouldn't fly in I guess) and started screaming.

    He also hates to have get his hands dirty. Doesn't matter if the rest of his body is filthy, but his hands have to be clean.

    He's also refuses to let me put that new continuous spray suncsreen on him...I have to spray it on my hand first and then put it on him.
  3. My five and a half yr old is terrified of those toilets in public restrooms that flush by themselves. By now, I know every restroom in the Seattle area that is hand flushing - I've even tried to trick him into using one that looked like a manual flush, but he has figured out that he can move his hand infront of the potty before using it to see if it flushes by itself. The Ontario, CA airport BTW, is all auto flushing - he held it until we got up into the air and were ok to take our seatbelts off!
  4. My son always eats his dessert with a teaspoon. It wouldn't be so strange, except for the fact that he is 6'1" and nearly 18.:confused1:
  5. OMG, that is SO funny....because my 4yo son is exactly the same way! When he was younger, he wouldn't participate in projects at preschool that involved glue or finger-painting because he refused to get his hands dirty! LOL. I thought my son was the only one, haha!
  6. Once again, my son is that way too! Whenever we go into a public toilet, the first thing he ALWAYS asks, "Mommy, is it automatic flush? I don't want automatic flush!!!" (followed by major whining) LOL.
  7. Haha. That's a cute visual. I guess old habits die hard.
  8. I still do this, and I'm 22 :shame:
  9. This mad em laugh out loud :roflmfao: So cute!
    I miss being around kids (I used to be a full-time nanny to 2 little girls) ... toddlers are so much fun :heart:
  10. Our daughter is only 4 months old, so she doesn't have too many quirks:

    * While playing peekaboo, she'll start to whimper when we cover our faces, and SCREAMS out in happiness when we uncover them and say "Peekaboo!!!!" lol. Hurts your ears sometimes!

    * Whenever Bart kisses her without shaving and his stubble rubs across her face, she pulls her mouth to one side and laughs, lol. It looks pretty darn funny, I've got to get a picture of it someday!
  11. dd has a bunch of quirks - and some aren't so cute! LOL!

    Recently, has taken to wearing her underwear backwards b/c she "likes it that way and it feels better" (reverse wedgie anyone?)

    When she tries to do something and gets frustrated, she blames her left hand. This is somewhat funny, except that she's taken to biting her wrist and has actually bruised herself by doing so!

    Won't eat a lot of "normal" kids foods, but absolutely adores kippured salmon and california rolls with caviar on them (she calls the caviar "sushi sprinkles")!

    Favorite quirk - she likes to make up songs in the shower and won't come out until whatever "verse" she's on is finished.
  12. You gals are cracking me up with these!

    I can completely identify with the toilet stories. My 3 and 6 yr. olds ask me as well if they can leave before I flush.

    Ok...here are just a few to add:

    When my now 6 yr. old was younger...um...age 2 to 3, I think. He used to store food in his mouth like a chipmunk. Drove me bonkers! I couldn't get him to swallow it and the more I nagged him the longer he'd keep it in his pouch! He finally quit after I left him alone...hmmm.

    My 3 yr. old boy rocks himself back and forth and 'moans' "eh, eh, eh, eh" while putting himself to sleep. That's weird in and of itself, but, evidently it's hereditary as his father did the EXACT same thing as a child! My brother in law stayed with us for a few days last summer and about freaked out when he heard it since his brother (my hubby) had done it for years!

    And...another sleep thing...my 2 yr old daughter puts herself to sleep by rocking back and forth on all fours and banging her head against the bumper pad/crib.
  13. We need Memory Bliss to respond to this thread.
  14. 1 dd likes corned beef with ketchup and the other one will eat tomato sauce with lasagna, but not with spaghetti.
  15. My brother he is 13 now 14 in December, when he was 4 he would eat hamburger, but would take everything out, he would only eat the bread!
    Another thing for his food he has to have ketchup no matter what! If his food doent have ketchup he can't eat it! Oh yeah the ketchup has to be Heinze not any other brand. We once went to Mexico, and the restaurant brough thim the ketchup bottle so he tried he didn't like it even though it was Heinze, but since it was manufactured in Mexico he said it had a different taste! I have a lot more from him seriously!