What are your indulgences

  1. I was just looking around at all the thinks it appears I can not live without.
    You ladies have such great taste, I wonder what you indulgenes are?

    Here is my list

    Mercedes Auto
    False Eye Lashes (love them) my husband doe not get it
    Gucci Bag
    Gucci loafers
    Lap Top

    See I am a simple girl :jammin:

    Things to add to the list.
    Ipod (so behind in Tec)
    j12 Black and White
  2. My LV's
  3. Good food
    Good wine
    Gym membership
    Good pair of cross trainers
    Cell phone rigged with computer, PDA, PDR, camera (my entire life is on it)
    black pants
    black shoes
    Hermes scarf
  4. chocolate (especially truffles)
  5. ipod.

    as long as i have that, i'm good. music is life.
  6. a wristlet with ipod, cell, cash/cards, lip gloss/chapstick
    godiva dark chocolate
    notebook and pen

    as for clothes
    my beat up and rained out but lovely adida BLACK track velco slip ons.
    grey full sleeve shirts
    navy and grey sweatpants/bottoms.
    north face fleece
  7. You are correct I forgot the Chocolate. :yahoo:
  8. Fashion, blogging, books, feelings of self-importance ;).
  9. designer jeans
    Starbucks, Second Cup, and Timothy's (I love all of them equally)
    Dior Homme shoes
  10. Chocolate
  11. Wine
    Gourmet food
  12. iPod, live music, and Gilmore Girls!!! :smile:
  13. Mine is very simple....mac and cheese.
  14. PRADA!LOL!
    Ok..And Godiva Cheesecake...hee.hee
    BMW-On my third one..LOVE these cars!
  15. Yikes!! I have so many :sad:

    Here are my top ones, though!!

    -my horse
    -manicures (one a week) and pedicures (one every two weeks)
    -LV (really into bandeaus now, for some reason!! LOL)
    -books (Patricia Cornwell, anything really scary!!) and magazines (Cosmo, Glamour, Modern Bride, etc)