What are your hopes for Spring Summer ****CATWALK PICS ADDED****

  1. I know we are just into Fall Winter but I sorry I'm all about Spring Summer

    I really like the blue used in the mens and would love to see that as an epi colour

    Maybe something sequinny or glittery too that doesn't cost an arm and a leg

    Are there any BIG movies coming out they sometimes influence trends

    What do you hope to see trotting down that Spring Summer runway
  2. wow, youre a year ahead of yourself girl. slow down.
    im hoping for a blue or green epi.lol. my green epi search continues.
    id also like to see a nice fresh colour in anything (epi, vernis or LE) maybe an aquamarine or peachy pink
  3. Maybe a new denim color. I love the denim line!
    you're too funny
  5. Maybe i'm in the minority, but after the tons of stuff LV has put out in the past few months, and the new fall lines coming out, I'm hoping it's not as crazy and they put out a few more pieces only....
    eh, but then again, come the spring, I'll probably want to see more new stuff!!!!
  6. heheh I know I'm pretty far ahead but the shows on in 6 weeks or so, so I'm not that bad

    BTW auction I sent you a few day ago ends in 4 hours are you bidding?
  7. Maybe bring murakami back...? :okay:

    or another artist.
  8. yes im bidding. and after falling for yours im bidding on a blue epi cannes too. oh and a black sac triangle.
  9. Good luck with your epi binge LOL!
    the cannes are great hold lots and very eye catching I got some great deals on mine
  10. Pinks and purples!
  11. I want to see some new colors in the Epi Line! purple purple pleeeeese!! HEHE:yes:
  12. I am hoping for some kind of new pink vernis. I would love an agenda in some kind of pink vernis!
  13. wow you are eager aren't you!

    Mmmm well for me a nice bright epi colour would be nice and I suppose a blue'ish light purple vernis....I don't know why but since buying the miroir lockit I keep thinking of vernis and azur lockit!?!? (in my head its nice, lol)
  14. i wonder if anybody that works for louis vuitton checks this forum
    just in case they do:


    also, anything like s/s/ 2004, they was louis vuittons GREATEST year :heart:
  15. 6 weeks? oye. lol i'm gonna be in trouuuubbbblleeeee...