What are your Halloween plans this year?

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  1. As of now, I have no plans for Halloween this year, and it's the only holiday that I look forward to and enjoy celebrating. In the past 3 years, I've gone to the Halloween versions of all three local amusement parks here, Bennett's Curse (which seems to be very highly overrated as one of the top Halloween Thrill Attractions by America's Best Haunt), and Markoff's Haunted Forest. None of them interest me to go back except Six Flags for their live bug-eating event.
  2. every year my daughter and i host a traditional pumpkin painting (not carving) party. it's fun and the kids love it.

    that's pretty much it. halloween is my favorite holiday/time of year, but ever since my daughter was born, we don't go to halloween parties anymore, so we just host them now.

    i may take her to this haunted house that's just down the street from us, but i've heard it's really, really scary. she may still be a bit young though (10).
  3. Scary film marathon and lot's of junk food!
  4. I'm sure we're taking the boys Trick or Treating and my oldest is turning 5 on the 30th so we're celebrating that.
  5. My cousin and I are having a party at my house this year. I havent dressed up in years so i'm excited!
  6. I need to have a party or find one to go to. I already ordered a nice costume, I'll be upset if i dont get to put it to good use.
  7. This is my default plan sans lots of junk food, maybe just a little junk food, lol. I might even start it off at a dinner cinema here, which is so comfy to watch movies in- lots of space between you and the next person, nice ambiance, plush chairs, and good food on big tables.

    This is something that I'd like as well, but no one's personal party, more like the festivals or public events at established attractions, several of which I've been to; and I think I've done all the best ones, which isn't saying much.
  8. I'll be flying over the Atlantic heading to Europe. :biggrin:
  9. Going down to Philly. I'm the biggest Halloween party mooch, my friends at UArts always have good ones so I tag along lol
  10. What part?

  11. just handing out candy
  12. nothing planned yet, but i will probably watch halloween movies all day.
  13. I really want to go trick or treating! I haven't gone in so long. If I don't do that, on Halloween night I will probably just stay home, pass out candy, and watch some movies while eating candy of course XD. I really want to hit up some haunted houses during October though. I can't get enough of all things Halloween!! It's my favorite holiday.
  14. What other countries celebrate Halloween? (Know its not a US sanctioned holiday like 4th of July).
    We were in Rome 2 years ago & nothing. :shrugs:
  15. My SO's B'day is the day before Halloween so I'll probably throw a B'day/Halloween party for him.