What are your Guilty pleasures?

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  1. Mine are

    Mary Tyler Moore show - on DVD season 3 just came out I love it.

    Sims 2- when everyone is gone I play it, it’s like playing with animated dolls

    Ghost stories – true ones are the best.

    General Foods International coffees- I live around a bunch of coffee snobs and they can’t believe I drink these.

    True Crime books- and other trash novels

    Shawn of the Dead - hilarious and bloody

    What are your guilty pleasures, I know you have some! ;)

  2. This website!

    Sex and the City re-runs.

    Soap operas...I follow ATWT and GL.
  3. 1 - this forum

    2 - Reeses big cups, (a big cup a day keeps the dr away)

    3 - Cheesecake (specifically from The Cheesecake Factory)

    4 - Plastic Surgery shows (the reality tv ones)

    5 - Botox

    6 - and expensive handbags of course :shame:
  4. HBO Shows
    80's Rock Music
    Thats all I could think of for now.
  5. The Purse Blog! and MTV's Newlyweds, I have it on DVD !
  6. This forum
    Chocolate(see's has the best!)
    Trashy Tabloids
  7. Americas Next Top Model..just can't help myself:shame:

    chocolate chip cookie dough( I eat it raw from the pillsbury roll):worried:

    my LV addiction:P

    That's it!!!!:love:
  8. - Definitely this forum...I don't know what I'd do if I work in a place that seriously monitors our computer usage.
    - 80's music
    - BBC shows
    - Fudgsicles
  9. "the wb" girly shows (gilmore girls, felicity, etc)
    hersey chocolate
    mtv shows (newlyweds, laguna beach, etc)
    gossip blogs
    this site
    a lot of shopping
  10. Oooo Ooooo! Hey friend! Mind sharing those Fudgesicles?:amuse:

  11. Same here! I love supernatural anything, and I know I'll be scared but I read and watch anyways. I'm interested in ghosts but I would never want to see one!

    Britney Spears's music. I can't help but rock out in front of my mirror when I hear a Britney song

    Sweets. SO BAD for me, but I can't resist! :[
  12. Handbags
    Formal Dresses
    Soap Bars & other B&B stuff
    Cheap jewelry that doesn't look cheap
    Sex and the City
    Cheesecake (I totally agree with Loganz - Cheesecake Factory!!!)
    This Forum
    Getting a bargain when shopping
  13. I'm new here, so I'm fumbling around a bit...this should be ok for one of my 1st posts;)

    ok ...Guilty Pleasure's, where ever do I start!!
    1. Joaquin Phoenix:love: -I'm totally Obsessed with him!!
    2. The Newlyweds- I also have 1st & 2nd season dvd's:shame:
    3.Schwans Strawberry Ice Cream
    4.Expensive Perfume
  14. Totally this forum!!! ;) love you guys and eating potato chips in secret!!!
  15. Junk Food (love chips and gummy candy!)
    Philosophy products