What are your food splurges?

  1. When you go to the grocery store/specialty market/farmer's market/etc., what are the really pricey items that you splurge on? Things you love and just couldn't stand to go a week/month/year without! Not including beverages/alcohol :p

    At specialty markets I splurge on: good butter (LOVE Kerrygold Irish Butter, omg, heaven!), really good chevre and feta,
    Parmigiano-Reggiano, marcona almonds (do not care for regular ones at all, but these are so yummy!), pistachios (my Dad had me addicted early in life hah)

    At the farmer's market: any mushrooms in season, specialty garlic, microgreens, any small baby potatoes (Rose Finne's lately), lots of fresh herbs!

    Other items: Raw milk ($6 a gallon, more expensive but completely worth it!), Raw cream ($12.50 a 1/2 gallon, also completely worth it! Plus it's a 1/2 gallon of cream, it takes weeks to use up), and regular trips to an orchard 30 minutes away from me just to get perfect little farm eggs...they make such a delicious breakfast!!!

    I've heard this can be a dangerous addiction, but I just purchased my first container of Fage yogurt, but I haven't tried it yet. I hope it's good, I may add that to my dirty little list :devil:
  2. theres an upmarket department store next to my uni that has the best food hall but its tiny.
    i splurge on good cheeses and cut meats. i could eat only cheese and be happy.

    they do the best cakes and pastries and they all come in 2 sizes, small and large.

    truffel oil is my latest obssession. truffles are hard to find around here so i settle for the oil.

    theres also an asian fruit and vegetable store that i love going to. they have different things everytime you visit and they are so cheap, i even get my everyday things like colliflower and carrots and stuff there because its so cheap.
  3. We are from the midwest & don't really have a food budget cause we grew up with quality foods & know it wil cost more. I love farmers markets & Whole Foods. I will run around town buying dessert from one place, fish from another, etc. I don't cook eveyday anymore but when I do, I go all out.
    But I buy alot of food items when we are in Europe & have things shipped back. I enjoy this more than shopping for clothes etc. I have the memory of when I first tried it & then the joy of cooking with it in my own home. Dh & I are foodies & never mind spending money on food.
  4. Artisanal cheese, fresh fruit, organic coffee, and grass fed beef. We can't get raw milk here but if we could, we'd buy that. The best we can do is get non-homogenized cream-line milk. It's pretty good. And I can tell you from experience, the Fage yogurt is YUMMY! It makes fabulous tzaziki sauce (a la "Cooks Illustrated" recipe) and is delicious in the morning with a little fruit.
  5. Starbucks italian roast iced coffee..they come in a six pack...soooo addictive...I have to get some everytime I grocery shop!
  6. Fresh salmon sashimi
    chicken breast
    Copolla Pinot Noir
  7. Marcona almonds
    Hungarian dry smoked ham
    specialty cheeses
    asian pears
    Fage yogurt
    Shirataki noodles
  8. I don't really have food splurges, more like cravings. If we crave for things at home, we just go out and buy it, whatever the costs. Like buying live lobsters, crabs, fish and shrimp. And ommggg, my family will also crave for banana splits, and when this happens, we will eat this 2-3 times that week . Banana split is expensive in our area, $7 a serving, it's like a meal:s.
  9. We splurge on organic dairy products and fancy cheeses-I could spend a ton just on various cheeses-good bleus, cheddars, etc. etc.

    Now I am curious to try that irish butter. I am also a big fan of shrimp and small brewery beers
  10. I am lucky to live in a fairly rural area. There are a ton of local farms here that sell hormone-free organic produce, eggs, meat, milk, etc. And it's actually cheaper than buying it at the grocery store!

    I splurge on things I can't get locally, like European chocolate, expensive/imported produce (mostly mangoes and avocados), sea salt, fancy teas and coffees, gourmet cheeses and good olive oil.

    I wish I hadn't read this thread, because I am SO hungry now :push:
  11. OMG! Yes! Add it to my list. The full fat plain Fage with honey and almonds is heavenly!!!!!! :drool:
  12. Ice cream, mostly. The good brands are so expensive here! And cheese, too. It's hard to find good cheese in a big city like this. Back where my mom lives (this small, rural town), this lady would sell homemade cheese that absolutely rocked.
  13. Organic meats and dairy. Cheeses, fruits, nuts. Wines, snacks....almost everything.

    I feel a tremendous responsiblity to my children as far as the foods I feed them. Even the most expensive grocery trips are cheaper than eating out and filling them with preservatives and unnecessary fats. Hubby and I are on the same page when it comes to food costs. Good, fresh foods cost more than crap.
  14. i do not know if this is considered a splurge
    i love fresh mozzerella cheese, my kids love soy milk,have to have olive oil,fresh fish (salmon,shrimp,etc)
    i can not wait to move back to the east coast...new york has everything@ your doorstep. there are more....oh cage free eggs
  15. I tend to splurge on food everytime I go to Whole Foods. I am in love with their chocolate poundcake. I always end up buying 2 or 3 loaves whenever I go there.