Food What are your Food Rules?


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Sep 15, 2006
What is your mantra? What do you live by? For example.. my food rules:

1. No diet salad dressing. Ever. (just like those wire hangers..)
2. Dip fries in tartar sauce.. or nothing at all.
3. Pizza must be eaten warm within 1/2 hour of delivery.
4. Cell phones should be banned while cooking as one phone call can kill a meal.

Anyone? Bueller?


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
  • My 'no wire hangers' is non-fat ice cream. It tastes like crap. I'd rather buy the real stuff and eat just a little.
  • No snack foods with trans fats or anything hydrogenated (partially or otherwise).
  • Carbs are not evil. Portion control is key.
  • Movie popcorn counts as lunch.
  • If I have a bagel, I'll toast it if I'm eating it with butter. If I eat it plain, I'll have it with shmear.
  • No lobster, no foie gras, no veal, no shark's fin soup. Free range chicken only. (If the animal goes through unnecessary suffering, I won't eat it.)


Jan 2, 2007
-No snacks w/trans fat!
-No normal snack chips, I only buy Baked, unless I am after a few salt and vinegar chips :sneaky:
-No seedless jams/jellies!
-When going to the Renaissance Festival, a bag lined with massive amounts of tinfoil must be enclosed in another handbag and filled with at least three roasted turkey legs...because OMG you can't get them that good ANYWHERE ELSE!! :biggrin:
-Coke only once or twice a week, never more than that.
-I will eat any meat but ostrich, because it has a weird flavor. I will not eat fish intentionally, though I'll eat it if it is served. I take that back, I'll eat fully cooked tuna filets any time...
-Pistachios will largely be consumed around Christmas, due to reasons of tradition.
-No over-gingered thai kills me!!!
-The only chain restaurant that I will go to is Chili's. Anything else you have to drag me by my hair!
-Tofu is evil. Low fat diets are evil. Actually, diets are evil >_> Eat in moderation or eat very fresh.
-Bacon is the food of the gods and must be eaten in moderation.
-My yogurt better have chunks of fruit in it
-Milk will not go below 2%. After that you're just drinking calcium-nated water
-Only two-three fast food burgers are permitted in a year.
-Taco Bell is reserved for once or twice a month, and only the most simple of food...because the more complex it gets at a fast food joint, the more fat and calories are loaded on.
-French Fries are never eaten unless they are homemade. I will however eat an order of Bojangle's "rounds" 1-3 times a year. They are sooo good!
-True butter will be used whenever needed, and the only substitute for it is olive oil butter, being equally tasty and good for you.
-Crunch Peanut butter sandwiches are the best on the go food in my opinion, morning, noon, and night!
-Sweet tea can only be consumed with ample amounts of lemon wedges
-I want to see specks of vanilla bean in my ice cream!! All hail Breyers!!!
-Can't live without Cucumber water. Just can't :sad:


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream has to be green. I don't care if Haagen Daz keeps theirs in its most natural state by leaving it white. I'm going to need the green. It's confuzzling otherwise.


May 6, 2007
I don't eat any reduced fat or fat removed food (except maybe milk on the very very rare occasion that I have it).
I try to stay away from processed foods/snacks. If I can't make it then I probably shouldn't be eating it.


Jan 2, 2007
Sugarywitch, that last one is actually a really good thought! I have to remember that, lol


Prima Donna Assoluta
Oct 15, 2006
Monterrey, Mexico
- No less than 2% on my milk
- No avocado. I hate it.
- My veggies better be cooked. I can't eat them raw for some strange reason!
- Scrambled eggs 4eva!
- No sweets. Except for a few kinds of chocolate, and strawberry or coffee and almonds ice cream (my dad is a dentist, so go figure.)
- Juice is just NOT the same without the pulp.
- Strong coffee, please!
- I refuse to eat lettuce. Related to the fact that it's always eaten raw.

These are all that come to mind just know. I'm a very picky eater :sweatdrop:


Oh no she di-int!!
Jun 1, 2006
Skim milk only, except when cooking calls for half&half or whole.

No canned vegetables, except tomatoes for making pasta sauce.

No veal.

Savor and enjoy each meal. Don't gulp.

No butter on bread. Find an interesting bread instead that doesn't need it!

Lowfat/nonfat reduced fat foods are a joke. Just enjoy food as it was meant to be and control portions.

No sweet beverages. This includes juices and smoothies. Only exception: the occasional and rare milkshake.

Always have salad dressing on the side. You don't need your salad smothered.

COFFEE: Black or with just a teeny bit of nonfat milk, no sugar. Coffee should be enjoyed in a ceramic mug and saucer, not gulped in a paper cup or commuter mug. That's a hard one; I'm guilty of an occasional Starbucks run.

No carbs for breakfast and lunch. Save them for dinner. This REALLY helps me control my weight, blood sugar and food cravings.

ENJOY food.

Do not peel carrots after having a couple glasses of wine. :P
Feb 13, 2007
No store bought salad dressings

Organic chicken/milk/cheese only

Best quality meats I can find

Buy vegetables from the farmer's market

Cook A LOT at one time and freeze small portions

Remember to let kids be kids and keep ice cream and other goodies in the house for them (NEVER Oreos, because they call to me in the middle of the night)


Feb 14, 2006
If green peas are available in fresh, then there should be no canned or frozen vegetables at home.

I try to make just enough for each meal and avoid left-overs. IF unfortunately there's left-over, it will not stay in my fridge for more than one day.

Tea should be black, no milk, no sugar.

Water must be at room temperature or above. Drinking cold water drains my energy.

Pepper must be freshly crushed.

No snacks with any kind of hydrogenated fat.

I sooooo want to make everything from scratch, but my SO doesn't let me do it because it's a lot of work for me. Otherwise, I would make pasta sauce from scratch instead of buying jars from the store.


Nov 12, 2006
New York City
I'm no health freak, nor am I very particular, so my list short.

- Absolutely no eating after 8 pm.
- No substituting meals with snacks.
- No large meals; I eat four small ones.


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
Interesting thread. My thoughts:

• No veal, ever. I stopped eating it in high school.
• Extremely limited beef, at most once per month. Fish and poultry otherwise.
• No foods with MSG, they give me a stomach ache.
• Water is best consumed with sliced fresh lemon.
• Milk must be Lactaid.
• Only natural foods, nothing with preservatives or additives.
• Ice cream is only premium and bought in pints only.
• All vegetables and fruits are bought fresh. Organic is purchased if foods are eaten without having to peel the skin.

I'm sure there's more, I'll think of more later!


Sep 28, 2005
-soymilk is my friend (lactose-intolerant, here)
-only bottled water--tap water is disgusting for drinking
-original diet coke is the best
-no organ meat consumed
-fresh fruits/veggies or frozen--never canned
-fat-free cheese is disgusting, I am not eating that stuff


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
  • My parents taught me this: enjoy good food. Food doesn't have to be fancy, it just can't be crap. Life is not just about Big Macs and Whoppers.
    (We had deli-sliced ham or turkey and sometimes prosciutto at our house, but NEVER bologna.)
  • Tuna steaks are okay, but canned tuna reminds me too much of cat food.
  • I like marinated steaks, not a big slab of meat. I am not a puma.
  • Mom's spaghetti sauce is homemade. Dad's spaghetti sauce is a jar of Ragu with bay leaves, onions and green peppers added to it. Both are good.
  • I understand cake mix and brownie mix. Nobody has that kind of time to make those from scratch, but slice and bake cookies are the Antichrist. It is NOT that difficult to add ingredients together in the correct order.
  • I don't like fishy fish. I like salmon steaks, but not lox.
  • My Grandma's pork chop recipe is the easiest ever: ketchup, mustard and brown sugar. Mix together and coat both sides. Bake at 450 degrees for 45 minutes.